I'm Tom Manier Jr CEO and general manager for JJRT, Inc and Jet Boat Performance company. My interest in Hot Rods began as a preteen in the 60's after a single visit to a local airport drag race. I began building model cars and coasters, mini bikes and go carts and graduated to motorcycles and Classic 70's Hot Rod cars in my teen and High school years. I fell In love with Jet Boats in the Early 70's when my wife took me to her Folks Cabin at Nacimiento Lake for my first Blast in her Dad's jet, I was hooked.

I bought my first Miller Jet boat New in '76. My work career prior to Jet Boat Performance was solidly Automotive Dealer and Manufacturer related and I have worked most every dealer level and auto repair position from Junior Tech, Senior Tech, Service management, Warranty administration and General Manager. I am an automotive Industry certified Master Technician, having worked for all the "Big 3" as well as Toyota, BMW and Nissan to name a few.

In the mid 80s I decided to go off become an entrepreneur and together with My Wife Rhonda I began a Automotive
Technical consulting business offering automotive mechanical inspections, technical consulting, and marine surveys to Auto,truck RV and Marine Warranty Administrators, Insurance Companies and Attorneys. To date I have performed and supervised approx 45000 such operations and am a qualified Automotive expert in 5 California jurisdictions. In the 90's I found myself weary of driving and traveling for business , and with a long existent interest in Jet boats Rhonda and I decided to pursue a Jet boating related parts, service and accessory business, along with business we were doing working.... In 1993 Jet Boat Performance was conceived and very shortly we developed the Internet web presence and moved Jet Boat Performance from a home garage venture to the combination Internet and Brick and Mortar business it is today.

My Son Josh began working with me literally when he was toddler always at my side and always with great interest in Cars, Trucks and Boats. Through High school Josh worked at our shop through school work experience programs and now years later the Heart and Sole of JBP, designing new products, writing Cad for the parts we manufacture and all the while performing lathe and mill machine shop duties Josh also builds and blueprints our Jet Drives and performance engines. Josh is an innovator and his youthful thinking, technical skills and ideas are without a doubt a huge inspiration and a force behind the success and popularity of Jet Boat Performance. Rhonda is the unsung heroine of all our ventures standing solidly behind us wearing many hats and supporting all of these venture throughout the years.

Jet Boat performance business is devoted to Jet Boats, Jet Drives of all kinds, sales and development of new parts, stronger parts and pieces, and improvements via research and development to further the great sport we loved since our first Miller jet in 1976.

Last year JBP was honored to develop an association with Aggressor Jet Drives and Aggressor Performance parts. JBP is
now the world wide master dealer/distributor for that line of fine performance jet drives, jet drive parts and components in addition to the other fine Jet and V-drive parts pieces and accessories we already sold and represented . Josh and I build jet drives daily, perform several jet boat "builds" and restorations yearly, and provide solid jet boat technical help, rigging and repair advise on a half dozen jet boat forums in addition to our other duties. We're proud to say our family business has morphed from the garage to a World wide entity selling Jet Drives and parts to all areas of the United States, Canada, Australia, South America, Europe, Russia and recently Asia and Africa nations.

Tom Manier - Jet Boat Performance
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