This particular 20'er has definitely seen better days when it arrived at KMG Boats down in San Diego for it's restoration. The owner asked Kevin to fill previous rigging holes, and basically prep it to be an entirely new build. The only problem was the boat had literally 100's of stress cracks and sun cracks, many of which almost went through the glass completely.


The upside of the restoration though was the nonskid deck had minimal damage to it, other than the fact that it may have been a little sun burnt. While the sheer qty of repairs on this job is a little overwhelming, Kevin's confidence was high as they deal with this kind of thing all the time.


He was more concerned about a proper way to regel the deck of the boat while keeping the integrity of the nonskid pattern "factory." After blending up several custom concoctions, he was able to create a thin mil thickness gel that could be fogged on, in effect repairing the deck without filling the voids and valleys that make up the nonskid.


Aside from regelling the deck, the owner picked out some amazing metal flake colors that is sure to set this boat apart from the rest of the pack at the 2017 Schiada Regatta! I know I'm not the only one looking forward to seeing what he has in store for rigging, and seeing the gel work in person.


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