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Lickity Split in my opinion is one of the most recognizable and well known boats west of the Mississippi. According to Tony from DCB when they were contracted to build the boat "It was a check every box type of build that left no stone unturned when it came to options." The boat is a Carbon Kevlar layup with bulkheads made of Penske Board that are also wrapped in Carbon to help stiffen the hull. When you combine that technology with a Wild Paint Scheme from Mark Morris of Visual Imagination Fame, and a pair of Merc 1350's it becomes pretty clear that the boat was purpose built to be a Shoot out contender.


Last year the boat ran several events from the West Coast to the Midwest and back including Desert Storm, LOTO, Lake Cumberland, and Monster Bash. In 2017 even more events will be added to the schedule like the Texas Outlaw Challenge, Grand Lake, and The Lake Powell Challenge. What that adds up to is more towing miles in a single season, than my boat trailer will see in its lifetime.

(Lickity Split seen here on it's current trailer)

Somewhere in the thousands of miles it was towed last season it was decided that they needed a little Heavier Duty trailer setup for the rigors of cross country towing. JP O'Donoghue put Wayne and Adrenaline trailers to the task of building what is sure to be the ultimate long hauler. For a boat like Lickity Split though it can't all be just function, there has to be a balance of form in there as well.



We are going to follow along as this trailer is being built, and point out some of the benefits and features of the new build along the way.

The New Lickity Split trailer by Adrenaline.

The frame is actually built upside down and constructed of a much larger 2x10 steel. The larger steel will increase rigidity. One of the problems they are trying to overcome is the existing trailer flexing a bit, so this should make for a much smoother tow, and less wear and tear on the equipment.


Rolling the Massive frame at Adrenaline's Shop.



Trailer now has the bunk supports, bunks, axles and coupler. The axles are 7,000 lb axles with zinc plated rotating assemblies with Aluminum Calipers. (Aluminum Calipers have better heat dissipation)





Lickity Split being test fitted on its new trailer for the first time.



In Part II we will be covering the mounting brackets for all the options, and covering whether or not the trailer will be painted or powdercoated and why.

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