In our second installment featuring the build of Lickity Splits new hauler, we will watch it go from concepts to completion. If you haven't had a chance to watch the frame come to life make sure to check out the first article we did on the build HERE.


When we left off the frame had been completed, but what I would call the "details" had just been started. While there is an overall plan for the trailer, during this portion of the build things are often fluid and ever changing.

In this pic you can see the drive guard had now been added with a tongue and groove style connection. This portion of the trailer isn't weight bearing, and is primarily used to stand on while cleaning the back of the boat, or in the case of backing into an object to try and protect the drives from damage.


You can see some of the water jet logo's that are being test fitted into the drive guard.


What you can see here is actually something that didn't end up being used on the trailer build. As I mentioned above this process is fluid, so they wanted to try a few different things to see how they looked. This was a concept for the walkways on the trailer, but ended up being discarded as it looked too busy and gaudy.

It does show though that during the build process Adrenaline isn't afraid to try different things to see how they look, as well as change directions on the fly if they don't like the direction it's heading. That's important because a lot of manufacturers once they have a couple of dollars invested will chase those few dollars all the way down the rabbit hole to the end. Thankfully Wayne is smarter than that, and while building something of this caliber there's constant design reviews and aesthetic judgments that are made on the fly in collaboration with the customer.


We are going to skip ahead to the completed trailer, and ask the readers to visit the forums HERE if they would like to see the remainder of the midway build pics.

With the trailer now completed I was invited over by to J.P. O'Donaghue's by Brad (his right hand man) to take a look at the finished product. At first glance you might say "Well that's a nice trailer, but why the upgrade?"


This project was originally started because the main rails on the previous trailer would flex slightly and cause a rhythmic bouncing motion on certain freeways as the boat travels from event to event. It's not only irritating while you are towing it's actually pretty hard on all the equipment. However if you are going to start over with a "blank canvas" there's no reason not to bring the trailer up to the level of the boat while you are at it.


As we mentioned in the previous article this boat is used at various poker runs and shoot out across the country. What that means is the trailer needs to be up to long haul duties, but also needs to stand out from the crowd at the various street parties where it will be displayed. To take a look at some of the details of the long haul duties this one was built with two spare tires, sitting on two complete spindles! With two spare spindles on board if they run into any bearing problems on the road it's as simple as removing the wheel, taking loose one pinch bolt on the torsion, and installing a new spindle. The entire process can be completed by one person in minutes and their back on the road.


You can see they went with a black mesh aluminum floor for the walkways on the trailer, which is as stylish as it is functional. The small diameter circles drain water, and act as a nonskid while you are on the trailer. This is so much better looking and more functional then the diamond plate that is usually used on most trailer builds.



Every thing on this trailer is custom right down to the wheels. The matching paint was actually provided by Adrenaline to Fuel wheels so that they could be painted by the factory.


On the front of the trailer Wayne and Brad wisely chose Gatorstep for all the surfaces that would be used to board the boat. The closed cell foam is soft, and helps to scrub off any dirt that might be on your feet before getting on the bow of the boat. In addition to all that it gives yet another opportunity for aesthetics on the trailer by incorporating graphics and logo's. Don't quote me on it, but I believe this is one of the first trailers that has used this on a trailer, and I expect it to be huge trend in the industry for new builds and refurbs alike!



Just behind that we will come to the control box on the trailer. Once you turn the key on the box it turns on the power to the trailer, which has an electric jack, and then three integrated switches to operate various lights.


An increasingly popular trend over the last two years has been "Runway Lights" which are basically LED's that shine upwards so when loading the boat at night you can see the trailer better. Obviously there are other benefits to this for the "show" portion being able to light up the bottom of the boat.



Lots of guys have runway lights on their trailers though, and that's not going to be enough to set it apart at some of the street parties the boat is going. So the thought process begins "if we are going up, why don't we also go down?" Down lights were also installed on the bottom of the trailer (second switch on the control box)



Now that's pretty cool, and pretty unlikely that Lickity Split is going to cross paths with a trailer that will show better at night. However just to make sure it's in a class of it's own they decided to throw some images (holograms) on the ground before and after the fenders. When you flip the third switch on the control box, DCB Logo's appear towards the behind the fender pads and Lickity Split logo's appear in front of the fender pads.




If bling is a measurable thing, I would say Wayne and Brad just turned the knob to "11." There's so much more to this trailer than what we have talked about in this article. The completely hidden brake lines, upgraded calipers and rotors (better heat dissipation), the custom built rock guard that quick releases on and off the front of the trailer for long hauls, etc.. No matter where you look on this trailer you will see something cool, trick, and well thought out.

Congratulations to Wayne, Adrenaline, J.P. and Brand as well as the rest of Team Lickity Split for coming together to build what is undoubtedly one of the highest quality trailers I have ever seen, but also making it one of the most custom flat tow trailers in existence! There's no question that adding this trailer to the Lickity Split package contributed to them winning "Havasu's Coolest Boat" award at the 2017 Lake Havasu Boat Show!

(following pics courtesy of Elite Mobil Detail - 928-208-3686)




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