Always being innovators in the marine Industry Livorsi has introduced some new products that offer form, function and a different twist on the norm! Livorsi has just released a new style of gauge not only for trim tabs, but jack plates as well! Typically movement gauges are the square box

5V Gauge_PL PSS Jackplate.jpg

These new style of gauges can be used in the following applications and more!

Trim indication
Trim Tab indication
Rudder Indication
Throttle % / Throttle position
Any valve open / closed / infinitely variable in between
Jetovator Trim
Jet Forward Reverse Bucket


They have also recently released to tabs that have ventilated steps in them! The purpose of the step is to introduce turbulence underneath the plate to make it more "slippery." In short the step bottom tabs will create more lift with less drag! By using less tab while running this will increase efficiency which allows for better fuel economy, and increased top speeds when tab use is required!

For more information and to watch videos to see how the ventilated Trim Tab works click HERE




Ventilated Swim Step top side pictured below.


The Livorsi Tabs have raised the bar for the entire industry with their introduction to market. The tabs themselves come with sacrificial anodes built into them to insure longevity even in the harshest of environments! They are the only custom billet trim tab on the market to my knowledge that has this feature.

For more information on Livorsi's Billet Trim Tab's and accessories click HERE


Mike and the team also had the fore thought to be able to include various accessories on the tabs themselves! With Livorsi you can mount your underwater lights right to the tab! This makes for a "factory" installation, that has a ton of benefits to it. You don't have to cut large holes in your transom (potential leak points), and it makes the wiring a breeze as it is integrated in with the existing wiring for tab indicators etc. (The 1050 tab pictured top left features the 4 inch Livorsi underwater LED)

It's nice to see a company introducing innovation onto product lines that have been "status quo" for years!

Stay tuned Next week, as we dive into their new "QR" (Quick Response) series of controls, as well as some high tech accessories for the tabs, like nothing you have ever seen!

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Words : RiverDave
Pics : Courtesy of Livorsi Marine