Story and select photos from DinaRella / Professional photos from Mercury Racing

Adding to the fury, fame and flurry of fastboat assets introduced at the 2023 Miami Boat Show, Mercury Racing made heads spins with its pair of party treats before the five-day affair even opened its gates. The first reveal was the V10 400R outboard. The second was the Ventera propeller… created to amplify the performance of the V10 package.

Nick Peterson, Mercury Racing performance propeller manager says, “The power-to-weight ratios have increased, along with boat size and weight, so Mercury Racing determined it needed to develop a successor to the popular Revolution 4 XP propeller for these applications.”

The diameter increase from 14.625 inches to 15 inches means it has the ability to perform at semi-surfacing engine heights that may cause the Revolution 4 XP to lose grip on the water. The all-new blade was refined, thickened and curved at strategic points to increase durability without sacrificing acceleration and performance. Efficiency at cruising speed is also enhanced, and the Ventera can hold the boat on plane at lower speeds in rough water.

Engineered to carry more load with greater efficiency, the15-inch diameter four-blade Ventera prop is available in a pro finish or lab finish, and is offered in half-inch increments between 18 to 27.5 pitches. The Ventera is suited for a wide range of hulls and can easily handle big outboard-horsepower propelled high-performance center consoles, day cruisers and bay boats.

The prop is especially effective when matched with the Mercury Racing V10 400R and 450R outboards with the 5.44 HP gearcase. For anyone wondering about the 4 XP, it is still a great option for single and dual-engine boats running up to 60 mph, and will continue to be manufactured.
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