Four years ago Mercury Racing reinvented the performance outboard market with the release of their six cylinder supercharged 2.6L Verado 400R four stroke outboard engine. The performance outboard market had previously and popularly been utterly dominated by high output, and often high maintenance, two-stroke outboard engines. Mercury Racing’s new four-stroke powerhouse meant boaters could now reap all the benefits of a high performance outboard without the finicky characteristics of the earlier pre-mix and oil injected engines. Simply put, the new 400R revolutionized the industry in regards to what was possible with outboard power.


Fast forward to 2019 and Mercury Racing has once again outdone not only itself, but the competition as well with the release of its new supercharged 4.6L V8 450R! With 450 horsepower and 40% more torque than the 400R on 89 octane and 689 pound dry weight it's safe to say that Mercury will reset the standard for outboard power. In addition to the power gains the new power plant offers a massive 115 amp alternator to keep up the todays electronics heavy performance boats. Mercury sweetens the deal with it's 3 year limited warranty to continue its tradition of high power worry free boating.




Mercury Racing rolled out the red carpet for the boating media here in Nashville in an unprecedented fashion complete with an amazing product display, and on water demos in some of the worlds best performance boats from the likes of MTI, Nortech, Cigarette, Mystic, Deep Impact, Wright Performance, and more.




Words and Photos by: Tom Leigh (Tommy Gun Images)