Nordic has completed tooling on their latest model the new 31! The boat is the little brother to the 355 that was debuted in January at the Los Angeles Boat show! read article here


Thane added these little winglets on the side to give the boat a longer and sleeker / low profile appearance and they came out fantastic. This is something I can't recall seeing before on a boat that is designed solely for outboard power.


It is important to note that the transom of the boat will not look like this. There is actually a center "bustle" that is added which will complete the windshield register and add a step down into the water.


The transom will actually look like this when the boat is finished. This is done externally out of the mold in order to get the mold to release.


As you can see the boat shares the same ingenious little hang out area in the back that was debuted on the 355. This is a perfect area for lounging while you are floating or down at the docks. The step down also makes ingress and egress a breeze when getting in and out of the water.


The boat features a twin step bottom, and one of the things we noticed (see first pic in the article) is the steps are at a considerable distance from each other.


The boat itself has a 9'6" beam so it can be towed recreationally without the need for wide load permits, or "gambling" that you aren't going to get caught while going from Poker run to Poker run.


In this pic you can see the access hatches on the deck. Those are there primarily to get access to rigging, but I'm sure they will finish them out with storage for Fenders etc.. A popular option in the midwest is to actually integrate speakers into the bottoms of the hatches that raise for when you are sitting on the beach.


The boat is simply beautiful, and we are excited to see how it runs! It shares the same technology as the 355 with its wider sponsons and a narrow tunnel.