Watch as Tim from takes us step by step through how to cut / buff your boat. All videos are unedited so you can see the process first hand and refer back to them later!

Unfortunately it was a bit hard to see with a white deck, the poor lighting we had and the fact that I was filming it with an I phone.

Fortunately the sides of the boat were very chalky so we setup a second demo. Poor lighting and I phone aside the results will speak for themselves in these two videos.

I hope you enjoyed a quick tutorial on how to cut / buff your boat! To order PBC products please visit And enter RDP For 20% off!

Thank you to Jeremy for letting us use your Hallett! Special thanks to Tim for coming out and helping Jeremy polish the boat on a Saturday afternoon!

Here is your "Before / After" pics. You can see how dull the gel was, we buffed the portion by the transom. Note the metal flake comes back and "pops" like new!


*Note any pictures with stickers on them are before pictures and are uploaded to give thanks to the supporters of Robinson Racing