This week I would like to showcase a project Schiada flat that we built a few years ago. Part of this boats beauty stems from the clients keen sense of planning and quality assurance. In turn, we all wanted to be certain that the boat suited and functioned well.

The boat is a 1971 Schiada flatbottom. We received the boat with the intention on fabricating all the pieces with the task of final assembly being performed by the clients. We have done this type of build many times and were more than happy to accommodate the cu
stomers on this project. It was a father/son collaboration and the outcome was nothing less that stunning. The boat was to be built to shown as well as driven. Being that that customers were going to be using the boat on Lake Havasu, function was in order to allow them to idle and maneuver around boat d
schiadaflat 038.jpg
ocks with ease. The customer supplied a GM Powerglide transmission and the tunnel-rammed 427 Chevrolet to perform this task. We felt that this combination along with the updated styling would be a great compact fit and a little different than the standard velvet drives that are found in many older flatbottoms. Naturally, we chose to rig the boat in "Prime" style, keeping in mind there was a set budget.

The floors were completed prior to taking delivery of the boat. The outside of the hull needed
schiadawoodbarron 033.jpg
some modifications, so Islander took care of the grinding. The customers opted to go with a couple "Prime" parts such as the all billet steering system as well as the billet bearing housings throughout the boat. A clean look was requested when it came to the down pedal, lockout handle and throttle pedal so we redesigned the override system to utilize a single shaft and incorporate the throttle pedal pivot. Additionally, the customers requested to utilize matching left and right full pedals which was modified from the existing unit. Furthermore, in order to keep the pedals low and near the floor a bell crank type linkage was designed for better cable location.

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Another impressive feature is the custom stainless fuel tank. Designed to hold more capacity and fit between the stringers, the tank was designed with custom mounting feet to help elevate the tank to the perfect height. A crankshaft alternator drive system was used to keep the rear engine mount narrow on both sides and to eliminate any need for unsightly pulleys and belts. To eliminate the old style ignition key a small billet switch panel houses a start and ignition military rocker switch and of
schiadaflat 035.jpg
course uses "Prime" billet switch covers. In order to shift the Powerglide in and out of gear a custom lever type handle and mount fit with stainless rod ends was machine from billet aluminum and is located on the aft side of the front transmission mount. Prime Marine billet 2-port type water dumps were modified and installed on the transom to feed and discard the water to and from the cooling system. This feature created a clean look without a traditional style round dump ports commonly found on old boats.

The customers weren?t sure of what to do with the paint on the boat so I referred them to Krazy Kolors in Upland and speak to Billy B. What they all came up with makes this boat a beautiful piece of floating art that is one of the most stunning flatbottoms out there.

Our final task was to install the underwater gear and hand the project over to the owners. Final assembly was completed by the owners and is nothing less than flawless. It has taken a "Top Boats" award at the annual Needles boat and car show. The customers did a fabulous job in the final details of assembly being completed with matching AN colored fittings just as we would have done in our shop. This Schiada is a boat that is simple yet functional. It teaches people how these boats can be built on a budget and still be everything you desire in a "lake rod." If you ever see this boat somewhere make sure you stop and admire, I promise, you won't be disappointed.




You can see more pics on our website!

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