As President of Prime Marine, I bring 15 years of aftermarket industry

experience to marine industry. As a child, I grew up in Cucamonga with a strong interest in the mehanical world alongside my father and grandfather's mechanical skills. I spent a lot of time inside my parents and grandparent's garages learning about tools, machinery, automobiles and boats. Additionally my family's traditional river trips in our Classic 20.5' Hallett SS to the Colorado River and local lakes alike helped open my eyes to the boating lifestyle.

I began my professional career in the aftermarket industry as a cylinder head porter alongside innovator, cylinder head designer and race car fabricator- Charlie Hupp. I was always wrenching on my 1970 Challenger upon graduating from High School and then transitioned into a sales career at Supershops Inc. There I developed knowledge about the performance automotive and marine industries. In 1997, I joined Brad Anderson Enterprises (BAE) in Ontario, CA where I ported cylinder heads for top fuel
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and top alcohol dragsters and funny cars. Meanwhile, I studied automotive design and engineering in college which included courses in engine building, engine design, race car design and aerodynamics, automotive electrical systems, transmissions and drivetrains, as well as chassis fabrication under the late Kent Fisk. Mr. Fisk was a mechanical engineer who specialized in all aspects of engine and vehicle performance. I owe most of my knowledge about performance to him and it is because of his teachings that my passion for everything performance was augmented immensely. During that time I became an employee for GT Performance Engineering LLC., mentored by Mr. Joe Vanderham I learned how to design, craft, machine, and rig custom boats. I always seemed to have a creative eye for things that look good and being very meticulous, it became a great match.

After returning to college a second time, I found Prime Marine through Billy and Bobby Berkenheger of Krazy
Kolors in Upland CA, and joined the Prime Marine team in 2000 under the ownership of Mr. Randy Davis. Randy had recently launched an engine and service facility for race and pleasure boaters. This is where I expanded on the craft of installations, fabrication, and general service work. It was at that time that the small-based business began cornering the consumer markets in custom marine installations and repairs.

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Upon a shift in management, Randy Davis offered me the opportunity to manage the shop running the day-to-day operations as well as strategic planning. I was very young at the time and Randy believed in me so I gave it my all. I learned about business from Randy as well as the in's, the out's, and the challenges the marine industry faces as winters arrive.

I have always been a little (ok a lot) on the extreme side of fabrication and have always taken a different approach when starting projects. I look for creativity, integration, and simplification in my designs and try to take a different approach to what has already been done. After all, who wants the same old stuff? Everyone strives to be different and has their own idea of what looks good whether it be in boating, hot rodding, or everyday life. I try to perfect and create that for them. The public seems to classify our work as high end, but I have always looked at it as a new twist on old ideas.

In 2007, I purchased Prime Marine, where I continued to transition the corporation into a world-renowned leader in performance development, design, and assembly. I try and apply these ideas to our parts, boats, or custom hot rods we build.

I have applied my creative input on everything from 18' classic wood deckers, to 40' Skaters. Our team has
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outfitted many v-drives such as Barron Sprint's, Sanger's, Hondo's, Cole's, Beismeyer's, Schiada's, and well as many other types of boats with different propulsion systems. I am proud of all our installations and always look forward to seeing our projects out on the water or rolling down the highway.

I would not be where I am today without my fellow marine colleagues, mentors, great customers, amazing friends, and wonderful family. I owe a lot of credit to those who taught me the ropes and look forward to a solid
future in the aftermarket industry. It is with great pleasure that I have been invited to be a part of this experience with the "RiverDavesPlace" community and look forward to being a part of their future...

Mike Ramirez
Prime Marine

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