I am excited to announce that we are getting back into both Boat Tests! RiverDavesPlace.com is traditionally recognized as a lifestyle website. That's not to say that we haven't put out some of the best and most accurate boat tests in the industry to date! That's to say we didn't put out very many of them or follow up with further tests.

It's time that we put our best foot forward and start putting out some of the desired technical content that is not only desired by the members, but sought after by the manufacturers themselves.

With regard to Boat Tests, I'm going to be honest here guys.. It doesn't take 15 guys to test a boat. If you get a couple of guys that really know what they are doing, then the data is the data. That said just because a boat accelerates better than another, or excels in some metric, doesn't account for the fact that some boats have "soul" and others just don't. I'd like to not only bring you the data (indisputable), but also try to bring you some of the experience as well which is where I will come in.

To introduce you to our test drivers you would have what I would consider to be the best in the industry for the task at hand! Bob Brown and Alexi!


Bob Brown will handle the logistics and organization of the tests themselves, as well as be a test driver along side Alexi! Bob's resume speaks for itself having driven over 2000 boats for a variety of publications and tests and is recognized to be one of the best in the business.

Executive Editor, Powerboat Magazine: 1973 to April 1979
Contributing Editor/Columnist, Powerboat Magazine: 1979 to July 1992
Senior Editor/Columnist, Hot Boat Magazine: July 1992 to November 2008
West Coast Editor, Sport Boat Magazine January 2011 to February 2012.
Editor/Publisher, Classic Custom Boats online magazine: November 2009.


Alexi is right along side and has been testing boats for magazines since the 1990's and building creations for his own customers since 1986! He is a former Hotboat, Performance Boat, and Speed boat test driver that has recently joined our team. He brings a wealth of technical and real world knowledge with him, because he not only tests boats, but he rigs and powers a lot of custom creations for his own clients! Having the knowledge to take a hull from scratch and set it up and dial it in, is priceless when it comes to testing and evaluating various hulls and setups.

I am very much looking forward to working with both of these industry icons, and as well putting the "RDP" spin on it to make sure that the tests are both "real world" and absolutely accurate!

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