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Schiada Regatta... Traditionally Non-Traditional

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    The annual Schiada Regatta also commonly known as the Notta Regatta is and has always been an event far removed from the regular cookie cutter regatta mold. There is no registration table, or registration party, or registration of any kind for that matter. There also is no host hotel, no poker run, no industry sponsors, and there most definitely isn't any awards/dinner/raffle held in a drab banquet hall. What there is, is a boating event for boaters by boaters.

    schiada-regatta-2018-tom-leigh-9041.jpg schiada-regatta-2018-tom-leigh-8755.jpg

    Schiada owners are a culture unto themselves and while some will claim that they are notorious trailer queens the reality is that Schiada owners by-and-large are true performance boaters...who love to run their boats. This years event, or non event, was testament to that very fact. The morning came with the whine of forced induction and the scent of race fuel as the Schiada faithful made their way down river to the public beach at the Bluewater Resort and Casino. Schiadas in every shape and size showed up, more than 50 in all, and much to the chagrin of the Stoker and Rayson Craft crowd there wasn't a trailer in site, save for a couple 22'ers that were for sale.

    schiada-regatta-2018-tom-leigh-8843.jpg schiada-regatta-2018-tom-leigh-8853.jpg schiada-regatta-2018-tom-leigh-8878.jpg schiada-regatta-2018-tom-leigh-8889.jpg

    With beautiful weather and catered tacos, the day was just as planned. Just a bunch of Schiada loving river rats enjoying the playground most of them had known since childhood. And that's all this crowd needs... good people, immaculate boats, and sand in their toes. What could be better?

    schiada-regatta-2018-tom-leigh-8971.jpg schiada-regatta-2018-tom-leigh-8957.jpg schiada-regatta-2018-tom-leigh-8953.jpg schiada-regatta-2018-tom-leigh-8970.jpg schiada-regatta-2018-tom-leigh-9005.jpg

    After the "official" gathering it was dam runs, sand bars, and fast passes at Fox's. A typical Parker Strip Saturday. No one in the group would expect anything different. People always ask... What's the big deal about Schiada's anyway? Well, if you don't know then you just don't know. And the only way to find out is to experience one for yourself. And I hope you do...

    Words and Photos by: Tom Leigh (Tommy Gun Images)

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