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Columbus Ohio - Screaming Eagle Boats LLC and Talon Powerboats LLC are
announcing today an exciting expansion in the powerboat market.
Screaming Eagle Boats, well known builder of various high
performance catamaran powerboats including Talon, Spectre Cat boats and
numerous custom Formula 1 and hydroplane race boats dating back to 1992, and
highly recognized for their unmatched focus on high quality design, manufacturing
techniques, layups, and rigging are expanding their capabilities globally along with
an exciting new partnership with Talon Powerboats LLC.
Screaming Eagle Boats, in alliance with the Talon Powerboats, are together
expanding their business operations and focus on the Talon platform and models.
Talon Powerboats LLC, now operating as a separate and wholly owned business
entity, including ownership of the Talon 22 SS, Talon 22 XL and now the Talon 26
models, will focus on product development, innovation, new models and
expansion of the Talon brand globally. Talon Powerboats LLC has formed an
exclusive partnership with Screaming Eagle Boats, who along with their Spectre
business will focus on the highest quality product and hand crafted design &
manufacturing techniques and will continue to fully build and rig all Talon models.
Both Screaming Eagle Boats and Talon Powerboats teams are extremely thrilled
about the partnership, expansion, the next generation of the Talon brand, and
what it means to the small and midsized catamaran market and our demanding
customers. The alliance allows both companies to apply laser focus on their
unique specialties and core competencies, which translates to more innovation
and production of the highest quality super sport catamarans for our clients.
Please watch this space for more exciting product updates and news from both
Screaming Eagle Boats and Talon Powerboats in the coming months, including the
release of the new, modernized hyper performance Talon 23R and Talon 26X.