I hope that everybody had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Speaking for ourselves we had a great time with the neighbors, members, and a few of the advertisers alike at the "After Christmas - Pre New Years" party that we had at the house on Friday night. Thank you to everyone that came out to it and made it a memorable (or not so memorable..) night. I think most didn't get out of bed until way into the afternoon the next day, it was one hell of a party.

So last year we picked up a few new advertisers, and I wanted to take a second to thank them for putting their faith into the RDP community. I think as time goes on they will not only enjoy working with RDP from a business standpoint, but enjoy the community as a whole.

LaveyCraft Boats signed up in the last quarter of 2016. I'm really excited about this, because their NuEra line are some of my favorite Vee's out on the market today. The performance of the 21's and 24's is unbelievable, and the aesthetics of the Evo line are still unmatched (in my opinion) by anything in the Vee market. They have a pretty cool "First Quarter" special that they are going to be putting out on a 24 Nu Era, that I will be announcing this week.


I got an e-mail kind of out of the blue in early November of last year from Eddie Marine coming on board with RDP. Eddie Marine opened it's doors in 1993 as a distributor for various parts manufacturers. They began making their own line of billet products shortly there after, and developed what they call "Fusion Coat" (Powdercoating process with a special metal prep that increases adhesion and finish). The fusion coat process became so popular that they ended up spinning it off into a separate powdercoating business! Not long after that they invested into their own CNC capabilities to bring their own manufacturing, quality control and finishing in house. They have taken their capabilities and wisely diversified into other industries including the HotRod market. It's a pretty cool story of how a company starts as a whole sale house and eventually becomes vertically integrated throughout the years. One I look forward to interviewing Joe Rode, and Ed Borges about in the near future.


Pirates Cove signed up on RDP as an advertiser as well! It's a smaller campaign, but the fact that Art and Jim have taken an interest in working together towards the 2017 is exciting to me. RDP will actually be one of the Poker Run Stops at their first offroad Poker Run coming up on Jan 21st. The Poker Run is sold out with 250 Entries, with the proceeds going to the Needles Rodeo Grounds.


While their complete Marine EFI systems are nearing completion (custom ones are currently available through Boostpower and a few other vendors) we have picked up AEM as a new advertiser. AEM offers a wife variety of products that are applicable in any motorsport. They offer everything from gauges, AFR controls, Boost Controls, EFI, Data Logging, Water & Methanol injection and Conrols, Fuel Pumps. Basically if you are building something outside the box, AEM makes a product for it. We are looking forward to checking out what they have in store for us with their new Marine Infiniti ECU's that they will be releasing at some point early this year!


Concept Powder Coating came on board just previous to me building the Ranger Crew for Desert Storm. They actually did all the Powder Coating on the car for me, and have powder coated several projects for other members of RDP. They are a quality shop that can handle both prototype and production runs for a variety of parts as small as can fit in your hand, or as large as a boat trailer! If you need something coated, I'd strongly suggest giving Justin a call at Concept and let him take a look at the project! They can handle sensitive items like cylinder heads, oil pans, carburetors, you name it. They take great pride in their masking abilities, and will ensure the parts not only look great, but retain functionality.


Finally I'd like to save the best for last, Gene Price Storage out of Parker AZ. If you have seen their ad on RDP it says you will not find a more secure or comprehensive storage facility in the area. I'm the one that came up with that ad campaign and I truly believe it. Greg and Heidi Pursley run an unbelievably tight program down there that gets it's fundamentals from years of racing Nascar. While it is arguably one of the nicest storage facilities around (dust tight and climate controlled), the business itself is so much more than just a storage facility. They offer a complete concierge service at various levels, from having your toy washed, all the way to maintained and repaired. There's nobody I would trust more with my own equipment than GPM. Give them a call to see if their are any spots open, I'm sure Greg and Heidi would love to hear from you.


We will be writing a little more in depth articles on not only the new guys on RDP, but all of our loyal long term advertisers as 2017 progresses! We are looking forward to a banner year in business and prosperity for all of our partners.