Recently Eliminator was contacted by an interested party to build a Speedster, it wasn't until the conversation got a little deeper that they realized this wasn't going to be a typical or traditional kind of build. The boat itself is to be used as a Tender for a 69.3 Meter "Mega Yacht" that makes it's home in the tropical waters Caribbean!

27Speedster-Spectre2 copy.jpg

What most reading this article wouldn't realize immediately off the bat, is that these large mega yachts do not have unlimited garage space like one might have just assumed. In truth, once you get past the expansive living, entertainment, and enjoyment areas they utilize space quite efficiently. I wouldn't go so far as to say they are aeronautical about it, but on the inverse they aren't leaving space to waste either.

(Boat Transom coming out of the inserted mold to shorten overall Length)

(Photo: Transom being cut down and ready for body work)
2019-09-17 14.57.39.jpg

(Photo Body work Hand finished on transom and ready)
2019-10-31 07.17.17.jpg

Typically the tender, and other recreational toys are stored quite literally "in the belly of the beast." These garages or "Tender Bays" are designed expertly to fit traditional style tenders and traditional style exploration toys that vary from jet skis to personal underwater submersibles. The space these toys have to fit in are variable in the fact that they can be reconfigured, but absolutely invariable on envelope they have to fit in.

The conversation is now handed off to the Mega Yachts Chief officer that will lay out the exact specifications of the garage, and what is desired (and required) for the new build to work congruently with not only the mother ship, but with the crew to make using it an almost seamless task for a better overall "end user experience."

spectre garage w boat.jpg

It's clear the 27 Speedster needs to be modified at this point not only from a length perspective, but how it will be stored in the garage itself. The boat is to be craned from the water onto a cradle that will hold the boat in the tunnels.

(Photo: Lifting point - Fabricated in House at Eliminator Boats.)
2019-11-27 15.55.29.jpg


(Photo: Quick Pic of the front lifting point dead center of the open bow)
2019-11-27 15.56.01.jpg

(Photo: rigging of the outboards after all calculations have been done to meet the requirements)
2019-11-21 11.44.56.jpg

One of the toughest requests (after having to shorten the over all Length) was the owner wanted a cat that was quick to plane, but the Chief officer required that the outboards be above the running surface when the boat was "at rest."

Meaning the outboards themselves had to have a low X dimension to reduce plane times, but trimmed up needed to land above the bottom of the boat when it sat in it's "cradle" in it's new home. A typical solution to this might be jack plates, but again that adds length. After some careful measuring and calculations Eliminator was able to come up with a happy medium.


On the surface a 27 Speedster seems an odd choice for a tender, but as we get to know the Host ship a little better we will come to learn that not only is it a good choice, it's the right choice.


(Photo: stereo / electronics / and ship to shore complete)
2019-11-27 15.56.57.jpg

(Photo: Black Alcantara Interior matched with grey seadeck gives a monochromatic look that is timeless)


The finished Speedster comes on plane in under 8 seconds, and still pulled a top speed of 114 mph! There is more to be had there with a set of Merc Racing CNC Cleavers, but it wouldn't make sense to run them with the intended purpose of it being a Tender.

(Photo: New 27 Speedster on a trailer at Elsinore!)

When the plan and execution was finalized the Speedster went from 30' 8" in it's traditional form to 29' 5 inches with the outboards in the full up position. This gave the crew an extra couple inches to work with, and a full ten inch clearance per the Garage requirements. This should make the crew and chief officer quite happy and make loading and unloading the Speedster a Breeze. For those not familiar with yacht life the saying goes "Happy crews, serve happy Brews"

"The new Speedster Compliments the Total Package and the Owners Preferences Perfectly."

To get to know the Host, we first must understand that she is a thoroughbred as well. She boasts a top speed of 21 knots (roughly 24 mph) and was built from the keel to the decks with a horsepower to weight ratio target in mind. A steel exoskeleton is reinforced by an aluminum substructure makes her considerably lighter than her counter parts. (I could say a ton more on that.. over 130 tons to be more precise.) The ship builder (Benetti) was pushing the boundaries to save weight, but retain style while doing so.

(Photo: Water Test at Elsinore. Sub 8 second Plane time / 114 mph!)

Her stability in the seas come from 6 different "pectoral fins" on her keel that most of which are computer controlled. The fins themselves not only add stability, but also increase speed with transom lift, and taking an already efficient displacement hull design and reducing drag to increase speed. This is the first time this technology has been used in a (private / Non military or commercial) Mega Yacht, and lends testament to how far the boundaries are being pushed on this new model to achieve "Speed / Stability / Comfort".

(Photo : The new Eliminator getting ready to go out on her maiden voyage)

When you begin to understand the theme of the Host ship, it all makes perfect sense how having one of the worlds fastest Tenders, in the form of an Eliminator, finishes the package. They are a marriage made in Heaven that compliment each other perfectly.

The boat will now be Hauled to Ft Lauderdale FL. Where she will then be hauled by ship to the Host in the Caribbean.

Photos : Eliminator Boats
Words : RiverDave