Nordic has finished the tooling on their new 26' Deck! It is styled after their extremely popular 29 Deckboat, and is it's "twin" little brother. With the market being so flooded with 28-29' deckboats, there is very little competition out there for a newly styled 26 which should make this an instant hit! The boat will feature the already proven 2nd generation 27 Thor open bow bottom which puts up great #'s, while maintaining great handling characteristics. This 1st boat is sold, and the second boat in the mold is already sold as well, with another potential customer looking at the third. This means Nordic will already have 3 of them on the water before they even have their own demo boat! That's an extremely impressive feat in today's economy, although not surprising because of the popularity of the 29.

If you would like to learn more about the new 26' Deck you can call Nordic boats and ask for Thane. You can also follow the build threads right here in the forums of RDP!



Written by RiverDave