As I'm sure some of you already know is a retail shop that specializes in off road accessories. While their primary focus is aftermarket parts for the UTV Market, most of the products can be used in any off road (or in some cases on road) applications. They carry over 80 brands (in stock) like Axia Alloys, Baja Designs, Walker Evans, Trinity and countless others. On top of the 80+ brands that they carry they are also a manufacturer of their own in house products called "Outdoor Logic" that makes up approximately 500 differnet SKU numbers on its own.


This is not only a good thing for the retail customers in LHC, but for the established offroad shops already in town. Being that most of the shops here don't stock a variety of parts on hand, they will now have a resource to purchase parts wholesale that they would normally have to mail order in. Everything from seatbelts, to lights, and even entire roll cages will be stocked locally, and backed up by their 10,000 square foot warehouse just three and a half hours away in Ontario CA.


In speaking with Mike Lasher (owner) he displayed not only an interest in the new store from a business perspective but being a part of the community. When I met up with him down at his new location this past weekend he told me he's very interested in getting people together. He dropped a couple of different ideas on me, but one of which was "SXS Night at the In N Out." We also talked a little bit about getting together for some planned group rides during this season.


The lease has been signed, and they will begin moving in over the next few weeks. The new store will be located at 597 N. Lake Havasu Ave. (Previously Fastenal for the locals), and will be managed by Kyle Callen. The shop will be open for business on January 2nd 2017, and the new phone # will be 928-433-6394.

To take a virtual tour of their Ontario showroom (to get an idea of what to expect here in LHC) feel free to click this link!