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Long time Teague customer Don London, former owner of the 178 MPH DCB F32, finally bought this 2001 Schiada River Cruiser from his father in law. The boat had been sitting in storage for awhile not really being used much, and since Don had just gotten a house on Bass Lake, he had a need: the need for a stupid fast small boat to hot rod around in. Unfortunately, this Schiada is very clean, but wasn't exactly out of control FAST fast.

It was originally build with a twin turbo engine making 900 something horsepower, and was then converted by us in maybe 2004 to a single carburetor N/A setup with some IMCO powerflows good for around 700 HP. The full cap was done around then by Schiada. The father in law just wanted something to cruise around and the turbo setup was a little too much for him. After that it was refreshed by Brummett at some point.

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So, first things first, we removed the V-Drive and engine and began evaluating things. The engine had a good lower end from originally being a forced induction piece and the V-Drive is a nice 10 deg split case Casale but with only 24% gears and a 1:1 Turbo 400 tranny. Not to mention it was only braced with a single L angle on each side. Upon disassembly of the engine we didn't find anything too surprising, but the brodix aluminum heads that were on it had quite a bit of corrosion in the water jackets at the deck surface.

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So here is where the real work comes in: making a 700 horse boat into a 1335 horse boat without completely starting over:

The V-Drive was rebuilt with fresh gears at a higher overdrive of 38%. We also machined and anodized more bracing for the V-Drive plate, which will stabilize the V-drive tortionally by attaching at the plate next to the case and extending back on an angle to through bolt at the stringers on either side of the transmission. We also made another SS V-Drive windage circulation tank like you have seen on the GN77 race boat, but less tall and with only a one bolt mount off a V-Drive case bolt to fit under the floor covering the V-Drive.

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The water system would have to be addressed for optimum cooling and the integration of an intercooler. Don wanted to keep the boat as original and retro appropriate as possible, and chose to keep the cam driven water pump, albeit on a spacer to clear the new 8mm blower belt, instead of running an offshore style twin stage pump and big sea strainer. The boat has two -16 cav-plate pickups, one feeding the pump, and the other force feeding the oil/trans cooler. We decided to run the intercooler before the oil cooler off the force fed pickup, and redesigned the engine water routing for optimum flow and clean plumbing.

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Time for the engine to go back together. The block, crank, and rods were high quality components in good shape and were reused. We installed inverted dome pistons at 4.530" in combination with the 4.500" crank for a 580 cubic inch engine at 8.14:1 compression. We talked Don out of spending hours welding the old Brodix heads in favor of some rebuilt AFR 357's we had with our seats and guides already set up and ready to go. They were installed with our LS1 firing order 714 Lift cam used in the 1335/1500 EFI's and T&D steel shaft rocker systems for a 7000 RPM redline. On top we selected a 8.3L Whipple Screw Compressor with a pair of 1150 Holly Pro Dominators for the retro vibe with modern power. We also added an Aeromotive 14 PSI electric pump on a custom billet mount on the front motor plate, along with a Baker HP Mechanical pump with a custom SS fuel log and regulators to keep up with the engines much higher fuel demands. We also added a -10 crossover between the fuel tank bottoms to eliminate the restrictive fuel valve. The engine was fully dressed with matching clear anodized brackets and accessories, along with SS Braded line on classic Red/Blue fittings. The IMCO Powerflow exhaust was reused. Although they are a little small for the power, we felt it wouldn't matter at this point to leave 30 HP on the table. They had nicely built one piece through transom risers that we extended and added wide band AFR bungs for jetting and custom IMCO Gatlin muffler inserts so the Park Rangers wouldn't arrest us.

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For finishing touches we added a matching boost gauge (harder than it sounds with older Autometers) and a couple more matching grab handles. We cut a hole in the original hatch to show the 8.3L compressor and carbs in their polished and red anodized glory. We tucked the upholstery around the edge and covered the staple line with a super custom one piece polished stainless steel trim ring made from scratch with 1/16" 304 SS. The trailer was also modified with some rudder guard rollers and matching paint.

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And off to testing we went. A high rake 3 blade propeller was selected from Bergeron. Jetting was right on. No other minor issues came up (there usually is one or two, that's why we test.) After a shake down, we put the fuel to the fire. In a word, this boat is ridiculous. It cruises around like a ski boat at 35, throw some plate at it and roll on the throttle and the 110 MPH Speedo is wrapped to the peg in 8 seconds. As with any V-Drive, there are minor adjustments us and Don will play with to optimize performance. We are thinking about shortening the Stainless rudder an inch or so (it is unusually long, perhaps to make it steer better when cruising around) and blueprinting the bottom and trailing surfaces. Right now there is too much exposed flat on the bottom of the rudder we think is causing a little rear end wiggle over 100 MPH.

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So at the end of this project, we have kept a family heirloom going strong, and then took it to the extreme side of high performance. Keep an eye out for this red rocket at Bass Lake, and maybe even Havasu smoking on some single engine cats. Lately, some people have mentioned to me how they get the impression all we do are big offshore surface drive stuff and I would like this to be a reminder: Teague Custom Marine got started long before I was born rigging and powering ultra high end V-Drives. This tradition continues today, and no matter the size or configuration, if you want to take your boating experience to the next level, give us a call.

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