An extremely custom transformation was in order for arguably one of the most custom Skaters in existence: Gary and Rosemary Colledge's 40SS "Colledgewood". The team at TCM built new tailpipes and completely changed the exit pattern of the tails through both the transom and deck extension of the boat. All fiberglass and fabrication work was done in house.

The Colledgewood Skater 40SS and accompanying motor home...full custom!

Colledgewood boat and motorhome.jpg

This is some serious tooling! A 7.25" diameter hole saw is shown cutting into the transom of the Skater 40SS. Aptly nick-named "HoleZILLA", this custom piece was made for us by Ray Lee and his team at Phillips Saw & Carbide Tool Company.


This was some serious transom and deck thickness to cut through!







The hole saw made it all the way through the deck extension. The photos show the raw deck material after the new holes are cut, and also the patching of the original holes. Once the cutting was completed, fiberglass work was underway. After much finesse and sanding and smoothing, the boat was ready for primer in the re-worked areas.

The new tailpipe locations are looking great once the fiberglass work is done and primer is applied.


The tailpipe under-the-deck extensions were custom fabricated and installed in house.


The finished look out the back of the boat...super slick:



While the boat was at TCM, we also outfitted its Mercury Racing​ M8 drives with our new TCM Prop Aerator Kit for M8's. TCM prop aerator kits are race proven and used by the leading boat manufacturers worldwide. We have kits designed for numerous setups. A couple of the benefits of using a prop aerator include help with getting on plane and fast water recovery.



Nice view of the new tailpipes and how the new exit pattern looks with everything installed again...tilted for transport.


The boat will be continuing on to have the custom paint completed. You can usually see the Colledgewood Skater at Desert Storm and the Big Cat Poker Run, as it hails from the Northern CA Delta waters.

All photos provided by Cherilyn Noack, Teague Custom Marine Inc.

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