Not everything in 2020 has been a bust. Just ask the 92 registered Hallett owners who attended the 5th annual Halletts in Havasu event here in Lake Havasu last weekend. Yes, even with a modified event due to COVID restrictions, the loyal Hallett owners showed up in droves to support the event and enjoy another beautiful weekend on the water with friends, family and fellow Hallett owners.

However, the event wasn’t without it’s issues. On the night before I was suppose to leave for Havasu I got a text from the organizer, Michael Grimes ( @Hammer ), with a photo of a crumpled pile of metal that resembled a helicopter. It turned out that the helicopter I was suppose to shoot from on Saturday was involved in a crash earlier that day, and would be unavailable for the event (yes, both occupants were ok). With a quick phone discussion, it was decided that I would come out and shoot anyway, utilize my drone, and we’ll make the best of it.

Friday started off with a lunch run up Topock Gorge to Pirate’s Cove resort. The ride through the gorge was beautiful as always, and it was fun to watch the procession of Halletts, wind through the emerald green river while everyone waved as they went by. Pirate’s Cove rolled out the welcome mat for us and had the beaches reserved for the event, along with a few Pirate Girls to help greet their guests. Once there, participants enjoyed the beach bar and restaurant, which was still serving up great fare, regardless of COVID limitations on seating. One thing is certain, Art and his crew are experts in hospitality.


On tap for Saturday was a run down to 3-dunes. Originally, this is where we were suppose to do the helicopter shoot, but with that no longer an option, we simply stationed Mike’s boat by Pilot rock and captured the boats as they went by. Unfortunately, a large group of them got itchy throttle hands, and took off about 15 minutes earlier, so we couldn’t capture all the boats. Some people either want the best spot on the beach, or they just don’t want to get beat by their buddy, but all it takes is for one guy to get on the throttle, and it’s a mad dash to the finish from there. But sometimes that’s just how it goes.


The day at 3-dunes was fantastic. If I had to guess… all but 3 or 4 of the boats that filled the beach were Halletts. Everyone in attendance appeared to be having a great time, and you could really appreciate the “family” vibe that was going on. It’s funny that a certain type of boat can attract a certain type of people. But however that works, it made for a really fun and relaxing day on the water with nice people.


At the end of the day, just as the day before, everyone ended up back at the Nautical Inn Pool where the festivities continued into the night, and participants could pick up their T-shirts and gift bags. For me, this was my first time attending Halletts in Havasu. I was invited to shoot this event because Tom Leigh ( Tommy Gun Images ) was booked for another gig. And although it didn’t happen like we planned It, I guess I should be thanking Tom for giving me the chance to attend a fun event, and meet some outstanding people. I'm also thankful that everyone in the helicopter crash was ok, and every guest at the event felt the same way... aerial photos didn't matter, as long as they helicopter crew was safe and well.

If you were there and want to find your boat in action (from the water), check out the full event gallery, here:

Erick Bryner