It has been a subject of much anticipation among most of my friends, wondering when the new Bullhead Bully would be complete, and how it would run! Well I'm happy to report that Nordic has finished the boat! There are several minor changes to the boat that we will go over when we feature it, but the first of the main changes was the two large Simrad's that were integrated into the dash. This is again a testament to Nordic and their "Never say No" attitude when it comes to being a true "Custom Builder."


The second major difference comes in a layup that is 900 lbs lighter then the previous boat! Again I will get into the details of that when we do a full write up and shoot on the new "Bully" as Summer begins.


In the meantime though the best the original Nordic 28SS Bully ran was a top speed of 126 MPH. That is an impressive feat in itself and puts it in the top two or three fastest Twin 400 boats ever built.


The new boat definitely lives up to it's name though, with putting up 125MPH on the Rev Limiter on it's first time out! To be clear that wasn't done at "Fight Weight" but rather with three guys in the boat and fuel on a set of 34 Cleavers! The boat should pull 36's without a problem!


The currently plan is to take the boat out and run it again this coming weekend with the new 36's he just got in! I'd like to postpone that a minute and borrow the boat for the boat show this weekend. I think it would be kind of cool to have what I'm betting will be the fastest 400 boat out there for the booth. We will see if I can talk him into it or not. Overall though I think it's safe to say I"m not the only one excited to see what the final numbers come in at! I don't want to jinx it by making a guess, but will it pull the "coveted" 1-0?