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Part One

Modern society's "Next Generation" can't comprehend a world without Wifi and our digital natives (as Linkedin refers to them as) command convenience and fast-access accessibility at their fingertips. This desire for ease of access crosses over and influences their boating wants and needs as well... the NXers require if not expect the best of both worlds and Fountain Powerboats has got them covered.

What do I mean when I say the best of both worlds? When it comes to dad's center console of choice it must cater to both family-time fun-running, yet support his serious fish hobby. For Saturday morning sunrise, the man of the house has plans to be out in the deep blue sea at the Bass Master Classic angler tournament and the next day; the family wants to load up the snorkel gear, pile on ten more Sunday Funday millennials and head out to mash some waves.

Fountain-faithfuls and future mariners have spoken and the Iconic Marine Group with Reggie Fountain by its side, since the world champion record holder and legend's 2017 return as an IMG consultant, have listened. Multiple-usability and functionality in a watercraft are the key elements in the 2019 Fountain 39NX.

1 39NX aerial_web_size.jpg

2 39NX aft nite LED_web_size.jpg

The parent company which also includes Donzi Marine and Baja Powerboats is based in Washington, North Carolina, and recently launched a re-branding effort focusing on maximizing performance within its portfolio of outboards While fishing trips and family excursions are fun, first and foremost are the numbers. How fast will my Fountain go?.

Buyers can choose between two triple-engine packages either the Mercury Verado 350 or Mercury Verado 400 outboards. Expect upticks around 70 mph at 6,000 rpm with the Verado 350s, or toss out some additional coin and the trio of Verado 400s install will reward you with higher digits on the speedo. The base price of this diamond runs around $570,000.

The NX model is based on the running surface of the 38' Fountain with the beam increasing from 10’6” to 11’3". The vessel stands four inches taller and the double-step hull carries the design's scalloping effect up along the lower sides. Moving from the front to the back with a fresh catch or even a kid in tote is not a problem due to the spacious curved port and starboard walkways also designed with attractive durable padding added into the gunwales.

3 39NX triple_web_size.jpg

4 39NX side gunwale audio_web_size.jpg

Let's now take a peek at the floor variations. In the following photos, Marine Mat decking has been added on the boat with the tan interior, whereas the white NX center console does not have the decking installed. The sensation and soothing of the soles of your feet as they graciously connect to the cushiony-foam is like receiving a Swedish foot massage with each step. Is this a slight exaggeration... well maybe, but trust me, it's amazing and I highly recommend adding the Marine Mat customizable feature. Secondly, it is a safer option when children are around and prevents potential hazardous accidents.

5 39NX side floor storage_web_size.jpg

6 39NX side gunwale_web_size.jpg

7 39NX side no matine matting 3_web_size.jpg

8 39NX bow table grab rails_web_size.jpg

Towards the bow, recessed grab rails come powder-coated to protect against UV rays and corrosion, and have been set deep into the edges in order to reduce exposure and possibilities of getting smacked by tackle gear. Another functional facet created with the angler in mind are the two forward coolers built into each side next to the cup holders and can be used as livewells to keep bait and caught fish alive.

9 39NX bow wraparound no table_web_size.jpg

10 39NX bow livewell_web_size.jpg

11 39NX bow livewell open_web_size.jpg

And making forward riders rendezvous more relaxing, the twin bow lounger design includes adjustable headrests and flip-up convertible armrests. Noteworthy also is the generous storage area behind the sun loungers for stowing towels or a beach-bag with sunscreen.

12 39NX bow moveable headrests storage_web_size.jpg

13 39NX bow lounge armrest 1_web_size.jpg

14 39NX bow lounge armrest 2_web_size.jpg

The helm has some tricks up its sleeve apart from the carbon fiber panels and overhead rocket launchers. The hardtop structure is tucked into the console in order to prevent stumbling into it and grab rails have been incorporated directly into the arrangement. Simply genius also is the layer of padding on top of the dash to prevent your Samsung from flying into the next galaxy or down into the galley.

15 39NX cockpit grab rails 2_web_size.jpg

16 39NX cockpit grab rails 1_web_size.jpg

17 39NX cockpit helm 1_web_size.jpg

18 39NX cockpit rod holders_web_size.jpg

Leaning post positions take into consideration the captain's current mood... does he want to stand or sit? Piloting the Fountain 39NX while standing up you will flip the bolster down and place your feet on the angled footrest. For times when you'd prefer to sit, you can flip the bolster upwards to the chair position and use the upper foot rest.

19 39NX cockpit bolster armrest_web_size.jpg

20 39NX cockpit bolsters_web_size.jpg

21 39NX aft fridge_web_size.jpg

22 39NX aft aerial_web_size.jpg

The large transom seating area boasts of additional storage and lower livewell, as well as rear rod holders, a starboard boarding and dive door with slide-in ladder and two rear walkthrough exits to the stern platform.

23 39NX aft seating_web_size.jpg

24 39NX aft transom 2_web_size.jpg

25 39NX aft starboard ladder marine matting_web_size.jpg

26 39NX aft transom_web_size.jpg

Complete your day by retiring down into the cabin for a siesta in the full size berth with innerspring mattress or simply grab a refreshment from the refrigerator and freshen up in the mini head.

27 39NX cabin berth_web_size.jpg

28 39NX cabin head cabin combo_web_size.jpg

29 39NX cabin head fridge_web_size.jpg
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