This is a great example to show how far the best in the Industry has come in just under a decade. Kenny Gonzales purchased this boat from Maxed Out Marine with the intentions of taking what is arguably a very nice boat and updating it to the best that 2017 has to offer! DCB has recently purchased new sewing machines, and Tony was quick to point out that they are the only ones in the marine industry with them! The new machines accept the largest UV Protected thread on the market, as well they purchased another machine that does the baseball stitching that you will see in the pics below.




These are the before pictures, and the boat is already bad ass by anybodies measure. (Note the old style "Poker Run" grab handles in between the seats.)


Matching Fiberglass seat backs


Older Navigation and Vessel View


Love seats in the cabin




While the before pictures tell the tail of a very nice boat, Kenny wanted to turn it into an "Exotic!" The after pictures tell an entirely different story.

At first glance you can already see the the incredible transformation.


They styling is much more aggressive, and you can see that no stone was left unturned. Look at the carpet kit behind the front seats and the engine hatch.


The fiberglass seat backs were replaced with fabric panels with custom stitching in them. You can also see an example of the "Baseball Stitching" in the top of the seat and in the back here.


The much more aggressive looking and simplified handles on the new style seats that DCB is doing in their boats.


The shaved diamonds in the new floor are a very nice touch to continue their theme under the bow!


A custom F32 matte that was designed for the deck of the boat to make boarding easier.


Comparison photo's with the before pics on top and afters on bottom!


The total list of upgrades that the boat went through at DCB are as follows

Changed The entire cabin area by removing the love seats and replacing them with custom storage boxes covered in alcantara.
Removed the old Vessel View and replaced with a new 9" Simrad, added a 9" Simrad on the passenger side and put a 5.5" on the driver"s side to monitor other engine pages.
Re-did the stereo, upgraded sub-woofers and amps. Also, put in a new Fusion deck and linked it to all of the new screens with the NEMA 2000 back bone.
Installed a Hard-wired Fusion remote on the driver's side.
Installed new Simrad screens in the headrests.
New custom carpet kit with shaved diamonds.
Installed a new decal kit.

The silver extreme trailer was also sent back to the manufacturer to be completely gone through, updated and repainted gloss black! We are looking forward to seeing the finished pictures on the trailer!

If you are interested in having your DCB (or any manufacturer?) updated by DCB give Tony a call at 619-442-0300! I'm sure he'd love to quote the job for you.