One of the things that I love about the Schiada Regatta is that it brings out all kinds of like minded people, and with that it brings out not only Bad Ass over the top Schiada's, but also other River Monsters that will usually lurk in the depths.

This weekend while at the Schiada regatta I caught up with Aaron and his over the top 22 Schiada with a 1300 HP Boostpower motor in it, but also his friend Mitch that has a 22' Cole sporting a 650 Cubic inch Naturally Aspirated 850 HP Boostpower Mill.

Normally for a featured boat we would empty them out and take them to some secluded beach or area for a serious photo shoot, but this time we are going to try something different. In my best Australian accent "We are going to view them in their natural habitat."


These boats were both at Fox's beached next to each other as both owners are good friends. The photo's were taken as they sit, and the interview was done on the fly at Fox's on Saturday afternoon during the Schiada Regatta. With towels covering the seats, a pair of vans on the floor the owners let me do an impromptu photo shoot, and a quick interview with them and their Monster powered 22's. If you see them out on the river you might think twice about choosing one off as they'll likely leave you in a wake of shame.

First Up Mitch's Sleeper 22 Cole - "Captain Morgan"


Mitch seen here standing with his 22 Cole "Captain Morgan"

Full Hydraulic to the helm IMCO steering rigged by Boostpower


Note the dry sump tank in the bottom left hand corner of this photo


Other upgrades included the sea Strainer to protect the new Motor investment


Aaron's 22' 1300 HP Boostpower / Schiada



Simple and Clean Nostalgic dash featuring modern day gauges with black faces to keep in theme.

Note the billet foot rest for the passenger, they are much better than the usual grab handles

8.3 Liter Whipple



I kept this picture because in the background you will see a step deck 22' Schiada that used to be called "Fun Patrol" This is Aaron's brothers boat, and I'd like to do a write up on the entire family that own a fleet of Hot Rod Nostalgics, that are primarily comprised of Schiada's.