Rusty at Ultra has been inundated with paddle board customers as of late. While he is already pretty busy with the boat building / service side of the business he tells RDP that he is absolutely blown away by the response he has been getting from his Stand Up Paddleboards. He had three models he is currently building, and just bought molds for four new models that will be ready to go later next week.

The Current Models are what they call a 10-6 (10' 6") paddle board that has a bull nose, and looks similar to a long board style surfboard. They retail for 900.00 for a solid color, hydro turf matte on top, and tie down system in the front for hauling small items.

This paddleboard was still in production when I took the pics. It was getting ready to be capped that day. This is an 10-6, with flames / fades that match a customers boat that they are building.


The next board is a 12-6 "Flat Deck" which is a more aggressive styled paddle board with a sharp entry on the front, and a radius tail. It comes stock for 1100.00 and also features a Hydro Turf Matte on the top, and a tie down system. Many people are opting for a smooth deck and using surf board wax on this model to keep the top of it "clean" as it's basically a piece of wall art when it's hanging in your garage.

This is a fairly standard 12-6, but with upgraded graphics on the bottom of it. It has a blem in the graphics so they use it as a shop board, but it is for sale.


The second 12-6 "FXR" is 2-3 inches narrower then the flat deck. It has a recessed area for the pad, and has an option of a storage bin in the front, or what I would call a "6 pack rack." The tub is completed glassed in and is part of the board, and you can easily throw a 6 pack in it with ice, or something of similar size for your afternoon cruises. It is a very similar look to the flat deck board, but has a softer radius on the back, and slghtly more aggressive styling.

This is a 12-6 FXR with a jet trim pad upgrade. They deleted the storage bin on this one. This was ordered custom by a customer but they were unable to take delivery, it is for sale.


Options on all of the boards can go from mild to wild on customization.
Simple Graphics - A Stripe down the middle etc.. are roughly a 200.00 upgrade.
Match your boat graphics / colors - Rusty can match the gel patterns and colors of your boat. While the prices on this can very wildly depending on the boat it's safe to say that for 800.00 they will match exactly 95% of what's out there.
Wood Grain Inlay - They can inlay wood grain underneath the glass, and finish the edges with a nice pin stripe. This is usually a 200.00 option.
You can upgrade from the Hydro Turf Pad to a "Jet Trimm" pad that has custom colors, and 3 different custom stitching patterns in it for an additional 350.00

For a custom made board, build to your preferences the lead time right now is approximately 30 days.

Stock single colored boards, and wood inlayed boards will be available in the RDP Store Front in a little over a week.

12-6 fxr with wood grain and large storage bin aka 6 pack rack

This is a 12-6 FXR that I am having built for AJ @ Barrett Custom Marine. It features the wood grain, some custom pin striping (not done yet), the 6 pack rack, and it will have a Jet Trim pad. I'm looking into getting his logo put into the pad for him.

Fore more Information on the boards, or to get one built give Rusty a call at 928-855-7946! Tell him RiverDave sent you.