Approximately two weeks ago we published an article about "Bullhead Bully" (Paul Wallner) in his 28 SS running 126 MPH in his 28 Nordic SS with Twin 400's. At the end of that article I wrote that it, to our knowledge, was the fastest stock 400 boat out there.


DCB is not one to be outdone, and in a direct response to that article (and threads in our forums) came out to Lake Havasu to take their 400 powered F26 and see what numbers it could finally yield with a proper set of props! The legendary F26 Hull did not dissapoin, and with a new set of Merc CNC'd props the boat pulled out 129 MPH!!!


There is little doubt in the mid sized Catamaran Market that the new 400R's have permanently etched themselves into the market place. Knocking on 130 MPH with stock, reliable, outboard power is something that nobody would have dreamed of
even a few years ago!

Big cat.7.jpg

We have taken a vested interest into the 400 boats, and we are looking forward to getting the three "fastest on the west coast" (or to our knowledge the country!) together for a day on the water! This F26, The 28 Nordic "Bullhead Bully", and Dale's 28 Speedster.

While you might think that day on the water with three of the fastest 400 boats would be nothing except "who's the fastest", what we would like to focus on is the actual boats themselves and the people behind them.

Big cat.13.jpg

Tony C, The Bullhead Bully (Paul Warner), and finally Dale (Racer7) should all be proud for pushing the envelope of what we all thought was possible a little further down the road.


Congrats again to Tony and DCB on their Huge # of 129 mph! We will be watching to see if anybody can make or break that record! For the time being though the crown will reside with in El Cajon California at the world famous "Dave's Custom Boats."

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