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1972 18'5" Miller Jet Boat, great riding turn key hot rod that turns heads. For those that know Miller Boats, know that they are solid quality boats. The early Miller Boats are a tad heavy but they can take a beating. Just about everything on this boat has about 2 seasons on it. She runs mid 70' with 5.5lbs of boost @5300 RPM. You can add some boost and dial in the pump for a little more speed. The boat ran soo well as is, I decided to leave it alone and just enjoy it.

427 Big Block Chevy, 871 Blower, Demon Blower Referenced and Tuned Carbs, Canfield Heads, Comp Roller Cam, Racetec Blower Pistons, Scat Rods, Steel Nitrited Crank, MSD Ignition, Tilton Starter, only 2 shorts seasons since it was built.

Berkley Pump, Aggressor Bowl with Stuffer, AQ Shaft, Hi-Helix "A" Impeller, Inducer and Place Diverter also gone through 2 seasons ago.

Replaced the floors with marine grade plywood, laminated and glassed it, installed a bulkhead from Miller to beef up the hull, installed new carpet. Stereo works but obviously does not sound as good as a blown motor.

Painted Trailer, added Winch, New US Mag Wheels and Load Rated Passenger Tires, Ultrapack Hubs, Wiring and Led Lights, Through Bolted Bunks with Stainless Hardware also have two seasons on them.

Looking to get 17K, the dog does not like this boat so I bought a bigger boat.

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