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  1. Scapegoat
    Scapegoat stokerwhore
    Hey bud, was wondering if you recall what size deck the Whipple 2.3l intake was for, 9.8 or 10.2
    I'm interested in possible buying it from a member and says he doesn't know.
  2. Flying_Lavey
    Flying_Lavey Tamalewagon
    Scott, what's the best number to reach you at? I want to get my brother-in-law in touch with you
    1. Tamalewagon
      Oct 17, 2019 at 4:06 PM
  3. Home Kitchenary
    Home Kitchenary
  4. dezertrider
    dezertrider namba860
    Are you still selling trailers? I need a larger one for all the toys?
    1. namba860
      Yes I am what are you looking for?
      Oct 14, 2019 at 5:41 PM
  5. skater40
    skater40 GRADS
    Grads- how did Chris die and what city?
  6. Havasubob
    mourning another summer gone
  7. 707dog
    707dog Cole Trickle
    Just curious What's the price tag on that truck you got from Sacramento?
    I found a black 05 single cab Sierra 45k miles never driven in the rain it's already lowered truck just sits in his tractor shed out on a farm has the original tires still but they are dried out can i score it for 12k you that's a good price?
  8. OldSchoolBoats
  9. OldSchoolBoats
  10. JetSurfer25
    Jetsurf Now starting to Grow in the US to outpace wakesurfing lower cost more fun!
  11. 500bbc
    Vote Johnson/ Beto 2020!
    LOBOATOMY Brokeboatin221
    Please call me regarding your motor, I am interested. Gary 936-200-5596.
    Thank you.
  13. OC River Junky
    OC River Junky toyaddiction
    Interested in your boat...... can you give me a call? 949-534-4151
  14. Shrub Lurker
  15. e911
    e911 Daudioexpert
    Hi thanks for replying to my post. Would love a referral . Thanks
    1. Daudioexpert
      Chewy is great does a lot for me
      928 486 9035
      Sep 27, 2019
  16. toyaddiction
    toyaddiction work2playmore
    I left you a message this morning. My cell is 714-920-8609. I will be in Havasu this weekend. The boat is at the Islander Storage. I believe another guy is going to check it out this weekend.
  17. work2playmore
    work2playmore toyaddiction
    I am interested in the 76 RC. Can you reach out to me either by email yorkequipment@gmail.com or 909-843-7081 (text or call). I will be back in Parker this weekend and would like to look at the boat if available. Thanks in advance - John Lynch
  18. jeffN
    I am looking for a recommendation on where to have my Jet Boat serviced in the Parker or Havasu area. Need motor and jet serviced. Thanks!
  19. MK#86
    MK#86 Constant attention
    Still have the Raysoncraft? I had that boat built originally. Miss it. If you know where it’s at, please let me know. Thanks.
  20. Bobo57
    Bobo57 kayone
    Hi Kayone,
    Like to chat about the Canyon Marine cruiser, what length, history, etc.?
    Bob 760-445-5757
    interested in the sprint> please call or text me at 909-732-8262
  22. blownbullet
    Always down for a good time.
  23. juan felipe arango
    juan felipe arango
    addictor jet boat 1200
    1. juan felipe arango
      juan felipe arango
      los btes addictor son los mas vesatiles y divertido
      ademas desarrollan muy buena velocidad
      Sep 18, 2019
  24. DavAlf04
    DavAlf04 Shrub Lurker
    Not sure if this is how to pm, but here is my cell 999-0061
  25. danben111
    danben111 Tank
    hi its Dan inquiring about the furniture.
  26. Scapegoat
    Scapegoat DWC
    (909) 206-870 Manny
    Tell him Brian sent you his way. He's good peep
  27. troyco
    troyco Ragged Edge
    Hi, please give me a call in regards to the hallett for sale 7146752504
  28. Bruce pederson
    Bruce pederson
    Looks like it’s for sale
  29. Bruce pederson
  30. Bruce pederson
    Bruce pederson
    Noticed this Hallett 26 deck boat on Parker instagram
  31. lai911
    lai911 wettrthebettr
    I have a Campbell also and she is a great boat.
  32. spark2678
    spark2678 Chad
    Whats your number got a buddy very interested
  33. Stew
    Hello River Dave's Place. Looking to Sell my 21’ 2000 Essex Genesis, any recommendations for good web sites to use to sell it?
  34. Bobo57
    Bobo57 J DUNN
    Would love to chat about the Hallett if you have time......760-445-5757. I’m local in Carlsbad and would love to view the boat today or tomorrow if you have time.
  35. theslideknot
    Mention you saw us on RDP & get a FREE slidering, a $25 value w purchase of aluminum sand spike. Theslideknot.com
  36. theslideknot
    In Havasu this weekend. selling my new ALUM SAND SPIKE. $149.99. $130 ea. Red, blue, purple, silver. Look for the slideknot deck boat.
  37. Bear Down
    Bear Down ONE-A-DAY
    Looking to either add a policy or dump the current one I have with State Farm...

    You still in the game??
  38. Moneypit
    So many projects, so little time...
  39. PAL
    PAL Ol Man
    I do not want to be rude or assuming but I have a strict budget of $32k
    Is that something you would consider for your coach ?
    1. Ol Man
      Ol Man
      Aug 28, 2019
  40. Moviemoney
    Moviemoney Ragged Edge
    Hi , Sorry I wasn’t able to contact you before, but please give me a call when you can regarding the Hallett my name is Rocky my phone number is 661-510-5049
  41. jetboatperformance
    jetboatperformance AzGeo
    hi George I need some help , could you please call or maybe send me a number to call you Thanks Tom805 975 5155
  42. Goldielocks
    Storage Condo for sale Lake Havasu Super Storage 35 foot 13 wide 14 tall asking 38,500
  43. floatn turd
    floatn turd VoodooMedMan
    I bought an XD9 from you back in 2012.
    Are you still an FFL dealer?

    Thank you

  44. Havafewinsider
    Havafewinsider RiverDave
    Hi Dave do you or Stacy have a reccomendation for a property manager company so i can rent my place to snow birds?
  45. Spectra19714
    Spectra19714 Alan55
    do you still have the headers? if so im in newport very interested.
  46. Spectra18
    Spectra18 Sleek-Jet
    Where do you live ( union)?
  47. Sherpa
    Sherpa USCFAN
    Thanks for posting.... here's the wheel I'm looking for. haven't settled on exact backspace just yet, so there's 2 different p/n's.
    RT233-79580-19-AL---- SPECS:17X9.5 8X6.5 -19 BACKSPACE 4.50" i'm probably going to run this wheel.
    RT233-79580-13-AL-----SPECS:17X9.5 8X6.5 -13 BACKSPACE 4.71"

    thank you!
    here's my email as well: ROBOTWORKING@YAHOO.COM
  48. jeteater1
    Propeller not impeller
  49. coolchange
    coolchange pixrthis
    Are you going to lb
  50. Steven Bastardi
    Steven Bastardi MSum661