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  1. BWT
    BWT Bear Down
    I’m sorry Javier treated you like that if I can help you at all give me a call. Brad Tilden 909-228-6959 my cell phone
  2. AJ13
    AJ13 steak&lobster
    I have a 28ft Nordic heat. What would it cost to get it coated??
  3. Modav8
    Modav8 aaronschiada
    I'm interested in buying your Schiada. Please respond to herb@firstoregon.net or 503-245-2411 thanks
  4. River918
    Thanks, I will reach out to you this weekend. Also, is the garage still available for boat parking? Brian
  5. Advantagepools
    Advantagepools River918
    The rates on our house are still $200 a night plus cleaning
  6. HotRod Curt
    HotRod Curt OldSchoolBoats
    hey i'm looking at buying another boat a 1977 sanger drag hydro with a single outboard steering rudder in right side and i wanted to know who makes and how much for the kit that adds another left side steering rudder ????
  7. Dennydmorrison
    Dennydmorrison RiverDave
    Dave: Quick question. Your "shopping" section shows DS tee shirts with "Next Level" indicated as style. What the heck is "Next Level"?

  8. Rajobigguy
    resident Viking
  9. HydroSkreamin
    Lord of Torque
  10. MichaelDDorsey
  11. LowVoltSD
    LowVoltSD M. Kammer
    Do you still have the banks kit for the 496 still available?
  12. BigdattyD
    Cable Killer!
    Well hung member
  14. 02HoWaRd26
    Typical Bum
  15. rickym20
    rickym20 DEEZNUTS
    How much you looking for your suspension parts. Looking to get some spares for a Baja trip in March.
  16. SocalChamp
    SocalChamp steamin rice
    You still have your 34 Mag forsale? 310-357-3366 Dustin. I’m interested
  17. dezrtracer
    Work Hard Play Hard
  18. 95Enforcer
    95 Conquest Enforcer
  19. Thundermutt
    It's ok... Just touch it
  20. BasilHayden
  21. TrojanDan
    TrojanDan Always Floored
    Nice garage work. I'd like to get a quote on the exact brown speckle in your first picture. Do you need to swing by or quote per SF. My Havasu house was built in 2002 and is pre-RV Garage. It measures around 680 SF. I will be out there after Christmas for about 5 days.
    Thank You,
  22. azhondo
    It's a Sanger now. Sorry
  23. azhondo
    azhondo rickybobby55
    I need contact info for hemi parts.
  24. M. Kammer
    M. Kammer
    I don't own any P30's with auto park, but I used to!
  25. 87tahiti
    WTF am I doing?
  26. 87tahiti
    Pissed off rattlesnake,
  27. KENDOG689
    Total Bullshitter
  28. Havasumama
  29. Kfabe
    It depends on what the definition of “is” is.
  30. CoronaChris
    CoronaChris 02HoWaRd26
    Try chad Miller he is in Orange County Ca. Huge boating guy too just not a member.+1 (714) 728-4211 Direct cell snap on tools.
    1. 02HoWaRd26
      Thank you i appreciate that.
      Dec 5, 2018
  31. Mototrig
    Mototrig adam909
    Can you delete your "Chevron" post please? They have certain rules about posting pics online. I don't want to get into trouble, I didn't think anyone would guess where it was. But yeah it's Chevron
  32. M. Kammer
    M. Kammer
    I saw two dudes dressed alike and asked if they were a couple......then they arrested me
  33. ilmormark
    ilmormark Bigbore500r
    Hey buddy i didnt get that PM now im curious call me 714 788 1938
  34. Moviemoney
    Moviemoney Ragged Edge
    Hi is the hallett 210 still for sale
  35. highwaybiz
    highwaybiz Melloyellovector
    hello tim I have been talking to Julian about my pool getting ready to sign and go forward I would like to chat with you when you get a chance Thank you brad chumo cell 626-926-6631
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  36. LowVoltSD
    LowVoltSD LHC30
    I saw you were looking for a Smudge Pot. Sorry I missed the post. Let me know if your still looking for one. I actually head to Upland twice a month for work and I am headed to Havasu this next weekend. Either way I can get you one.
  37. THE Cat Sass
    THE Cat Sass
    Disturb the comfortable....Comfort the disturbed
  38. Wheeler
    Wheeler AJDEAN955
    I'm back in parker and would like to pick up the steering wheel when it's convenient for you.

  39. toto
    toto zx14
    Hey ZX who do you build cell sites for
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    2. zx14
      What city do you work? I’m in metro L.A. sprint is about to shit the bed, Up until 1/2018 I worked for Bechtel, operations manager for the previous 5 years, Irvine, I’m looking for new opportunities , any leads?
      Nov 17, 2018
    3. toto
      Yeah hit me up what are you looking to do. I am looking for a couple CM's and a good PC if you know of any for the Irvine office. We also always need qualified people for our Van Nuys office and West Covina office. We have the small cell site list for AT&T, JPA - Right Away, APU, For T-Mobile etc.
      Give me a call or send me your resume. 951-284-5445
      Nov 17, 2018
    4. zx14
      I’ll call you next week, thank you.
      Nov 17, 2018
  40. Beeconinc
    Under construction
  41. Garrddogg
    Garrddogg Kachina26
    dude!! I called you a few weeks ago. numbers no good anymore! how the hell have you been?
  42. motordan
    motordan TPC
    Where can I get these heavy duty straps? I’m on my third passenger door on my X3 once was my fault and once was the dealers. Thanks for any help you can give me
  43. bajaleo
    bajaleo tim_maxedoutmarine
    re: 2005 Ultra 24, asking 42k. What kind of payment would I be looking at with 10k down?

    Thanks, Leo
    1. tim_maxedoutmarine
      A rough payment would be around $350 per month. The interest rate and length of loan is determined off of your credit score and credit history. We would have to submit an application for pre approval to get an exact payment amount.
      Nov 1, 2018
  44. David Sherman
    David Sherman BoatCop
    Hi Boat cop. I set up an account just so I can ask you a question about one of your past posts. I'm considering buying a used boat either in CA, NV or AZ. I am going to store it and use it in Lake Havasu. I'm gonna spend about $75000 so tax is a big deal. Does it matter where I buy it from if I'm planning to store it in AZ? Is there any difference if I buy from a private party VS dealer? Used boat. Thanks.
  45. Scott Gould
    Scott Gould
    Beware of Interceptor Boats. They are scam artists. I recently won a $380,000 lawsuit against Chris Mulvania who has filed bankruptcy again.
  46. Scott Gould
    Scott Gould
    Retired Los Angeles Fire Captain
  47. jetboatperformance
    jetboatperformance RiverDave
    how to send a personal message ?
  48. Chevy5150
    Chevy5150 rivergames
    Hey Andrew,

    What company did you use for fishing in Cabo? I am headed down next week.
  49. Hallettsled
    Hallettsled Nates270
    Good morning, do you know what compression is? Do you have to run race gas?
    1. Nates270
      it was built as 9.5:1 and i ran 91 octane, engine is now gone tho, traded for a harley.
      Oct 29, 2018
  50. HNL2LHC
    Lost on a tropical island