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  1. jetboatperformance
    jetboatperformance RiverDave
    Hi Dave do you have recent good number for Schiada ?
  2. Tireman
    Tireman schweeng
  3. ttipton930
    ttipton930 BamBam
    I read an old post regarding a stainless rudder you were selling. Do you still have it by any chance?
    1. BamBam
      I sold that rudder to a member here for a project boat.
      Apr 24, 2019 at 8:15 PM
  4. plprandy
    plprandy Bullhead bully
    Paul, This is Randy from Utah, (M33) we were with you on river run on April 13, give me a call when get a min(801)597-2885, Thanks
  5. Wicky
    Wicky wsuwrhr
    Mr Brian!! I have a long block vw that is in need of sprucing up. Shroud, tin, oil fill etc...got any used shit lying around you want sell?
    It's a $400 1835 I picked up for my purple car.
    1. wsuwrhr
      Only billet stuff
      Apr 23, 2019 at 10:36 PM
  6. Puddemup
    12 ounces at a time...
  7. Ron Thomas
    Ron Thomas
    Looking for a lettering guy in Lake Havasu?
  8. Eastbound & Down Trans
  9. Eastbound & Down Trans
    Eastbound & Down Trans RiverDave
    Hello, I was wondering who you use to make your shirts? Im currently starting a company and would love to use the same people your using. Thank you
  10. Rcmracer
    Rcmracer Havasu blue label
    How much are you renting your place for Desert storm. I’m interested
  11. DAB
    Doing my thing
  12. Open72
    Open72 DonG
    The 4 blade bravo . I bought a SSM drive so i won't need this prop.
  13. DrunkenSailor
  14. Jetboatjosh
    Ready for the weekend
  15. Springfield
    Springfield Tremor Therapy
    TT, I am a real estate Broker with Re/Max in Los Alamitos and service the surrounding communities, since 1991. You can call me if you like and I'll provide some information to assist your decision. 714-624-0814
  16. Movelocity
    Missing the old ride about now. After spending years in Parker going back to the lake. New pad at the landing in escrow.
  17. CockGobblerTeds
  18. Daudioexpert
    Here we go !!
  19. Rivr22
    Getting ready to head to the Lake Havasu Boat Show this weekend.
  20. Nwracing
    Nwracing Shortdeck
    Hi , i'm interested in the 496 headers. Can you send me more details please?
  21. REVENGE 97
    REVENGE 97 TravisJames
    I may have a pair, I will check my storage, if so I will send you a pic, give me a day or so
  22. Thunderhead1
    Thunderhead1 RiverDave
    Not sure exactly what your after.... BUT , I happen to deliver to 1500 Coffee stores every week .... 24/7 except for Thanksgiving , Christmas and New Years are the only days we don't work.
  23. Havasu_Locals
    Living the Dream.
  24. Danny Crayton
    Danny Crayton
    I try to be the best Danny I can be everyday!
  25. MBSpectra
    MBSpectra 02HoWaRd26
    Are the lights still available?
  26. Daudioexpert
    Patiently Waiting !
  27. dgorman
    dgorman obnoxious001
    How’s it going? I have a 2004 Ultra 22 Foot Stealth jet boat. I’ve talked to a couple builders about a 496 or 540 with aluminum heads and lower compression so I can run pump gas. I’ve heard great thing about you on the forums so I’m really interested in what you would charge to build something in the 650 horsepower range. My name is Don I live in Corona CA and my number is (951) 258-1837.
    Not me but my son bought a nice Nordic thru them and boat was not sold as represented..
    Don’t know if Hiline knew of the hidden problems but the old owner and engine builder did for sure. Old owner and engine guy are friends with Hiline peeps.
    No more to say then that.
  29. tim harcrow
    tim harcrow 76 Hondo
    Text me 2149168460 or tharcrow08@gmail.com
  30. Snprhed
    Snprhed oliverm5
    On your last post you said you were looking for a new boat. I have a Checkmate ZT-260 if you are interested. (2005)

    If you may be interested reply with your email. I dont have a hosting site so I cant post a pic here.
  31. wacopest
    iPest solutions is your #1 pest control company in Waco.Call iPest Solutions for your FREE no obligation bid today.
  32. Burnin Daylight
    Burnin Daylight jnmc
    Hello, just wondering if you still have the Yellow 71 spectra 20 v-drive? I think it was the one I used to own. ID number i think was #4
  33. SlowMyRoll
    San Clemente, CA
  34. maturinoj
    Living the Dad life. Love the River and family.
  35. Fenderbender
    Fenderbender Runs2rch
    Hey man I see that you have a Hallett as well and live close by me. I am in Simi. I need to get a new snap in carpet made for my 240 and I thought I might see if you had someone good and local I could check out to get it made. I have already reached out to Nordic and a few places in AZ as well as shockwave.
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    2. Runs2rch
      What happens is the water passages rust closed. If you're lucky they leak out and not in. EMI Thunder or Imco Thumper power are great replacements. Not super expensive either. Will gain you a few hp as well.
      Mar 14, 2019
    3. Runs2rch
      Looks the thumper power is less now. Worth the upgrade. The 496 factory manifolds are the only decent ones ever made. All other factory exhaust is too restrictive.
      Mar 14, 2019
    4. Fenderbender
      you were right the prop is a 22. Im going to run it for a bit and see how she does, get used to driving it a bit.
      Apr 5, 2019
  36. Jimmyballpeen
    Jimmyballpeen Done-it-again
    If your interested in selling your Hallett shoot me the info through text or email or call.
    Jimmyballpeen@aol.com or 8055704264
  37. Dirty Daytona
    Dirty Daytona MissHavasuCig
    Whats up Jody and Chris? I finally joined on here after lurking forever!!!!!!
  38. Ace
    Ace Bullhead bully
    Thank you, I’ll call you this weekend
    1. Bullhead bully
      Bullhead bully
      Sounds good
      Mar 9, 2019
  39. Phil Niblack
    Phil Niblack
    Work hard. Play harder.
  40. hallettheck
    hallettheck McScrewy
  41. hallettheck
    hallettheck McScrewy
    No, not planning on listing it however you can email me if interested and we can talk if you'd like do you plan on doing something towards the pontoon soon
  42. Kiddin Around
    Kiddin Around
    Cant wait to be on the water
  43. Kel
    Don't ask
  44. Any Assembly
    Any Assembly
    We'll Assemble Anything You Want!
  45. robk
  46. playdeep
    playdeep rickybobby55
    Interested in your spark arrestor.
    1. rickybobby55
      Sold sorry
      Mar 7, 2019
  47. spectras only
    spectras only timewarp
    Hi Caleb, haven't seen you for ages and just wanted to say hi. Saw some pictures of your boat at Chelan Poker Run's site. Are you going this year? Do you keep in touch with the old crew frm past? Guess Bubba is still in Portland, Terry in Seattle. What about Thunderball Brad? Anyway, let me know if you'll attend Chelan. See you,
  48. Jay
    Jay bobbytheboozer
    hey brother I got my account back up
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    2. bobbytheboozer
      Hell yea! Get ready for the best time wasting website EVER! Lol
      Feb 27, 2019
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  49. Ace
    Ace Bullhead bully
    No BS, let me know when you decide to sell. I sold my boat last year and have been looking for a 32 DW. If you don’t mind me asking, what are the details on the hull? Jeff (949) 413-4770
    1. Bullhead bully
      Bullhead bully
      I don’t know what your timeline is. I have more than one boat so it anytime any boat could be for sale. Haven’t really concentrated on that since it’s so new I’m just tweaking in the final details on the boat.

      The details on the hull. Full composite standard lip from Doug Wright. Finished weight complete no fuel 4720 pounds
      Feb 27, 2019
    2. Bullhead bully
      Bullhead bully
      Other than that there’s a ton of details that go with the build. If you want to talk about it that would be fine. My number is 909-721-0411
      Feb 27, 2019
  50. Deangang
    Deangang HighVoltage329
    Do you still have the Gentry intercooler for sale ?

    Thx, Darren