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  • I have 3 1/2" you can use then just use a grinding drill bit to make it a little bigger. I'm in LaPalma if you are an OC person
    Hey Steve, Got the Hey Lam story...Hope you know I was just playing, the board was a little slow that night and I was bored so I figure I could stir the pot alitttle.
    I had to pick on someone :)
    Anyways, have a great Thanksgiving and be safe :)
    Your awesome-Hell is here, by the way-but just this month. And YES, for the right price I will go anywhere. I do have a huge amount of respect for you and what you have purchased, but, pray tell, what is your background? Start? Mid? Current? I am intensely interested as I would like, at 31, to continue to succeed in my current industry, but also see potential in my real estate and my wifes CPA aspect. That being said, and as we have talked before, I LOVE WHAT I DO. I can and have made WAY more money as a construction manager, but I really love custom work, and given the time and budget, I have, and can, make some pretty unreal stuff. Is this the direction I should go?
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