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    Breakfast burritos in LHC.

    Carniceria El Corral X2
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    WIll take $100 for the box anchor, I can pick up this weekend.

    WIll take $100 for the box anchor, I can pick up this weekend.
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    Stereo Shop in Havasu

    I've used Ron's before cause I was impatient and regretted it, now I will always wait for Michael at Speed Of Sound he does 1st class work.
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    Outboard is overheating but my girlfriend is full on heated! How do I save the weekend?!

    Never used him before but he's mobile. Buzzboatservice 928-302-4920
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    Havasu House Rental with inside boat parking

    Looking for the last weekend in July if available? Cell: 562-833-8213
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    [WTB] WTB - Yore old Silverado, F150, Tahoe, Burb, Avalanche, Denali , Escalade or ???

    2007 Denali XL AWD 6.2 motor all stock high miles. I pull my advantage party cat 28 footer no problem. You can text me for questions. 562-833-8213
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    SOLD - 2014 GMC Sierra 1500 SLT 4x4

    Only if this truck had a 6.5 truck bed I would buy it!
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    [WTB] Open Bow cat or deck

    [GALLERY=][/GALLERY] Send me A text and I will send you some pics.
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    [WTB] Open Bow cat or deck

    I have a Advantage 28 ft Party Cat with a Teague 620 motor carb. Drive is also Platinum Teague XR drive and a huge stereo. if interested call me (562)833-8213.
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    Best Amp to go with

    Go with digital amps. Alpine, JL Audio or Rockford.
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    If you guys want to take in a World Series game (Irvine)

    Good to know you're a fellow boater, This is Hector my daugter is Booklyn. She's a pick up player on this team. Very good team. I will be cheering you guys on from work today. Good luck today Craig!