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    Sold!! 1978/2021 Schiada 20RC Twin Turbo V-Drive Fully Restored!!!

    Damn that came sweet Dave GLWTS Paul
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    River remodel

    Front elevation
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    Forklift repair

    Who's the go to forklift repair company in LHC or Parker ?
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    Build cost of shop/ADU

    Materials and labor are crazy $ now In Commiefornia it be double that
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    Build cost of shop/ADU

    $200-250 Sq Ft depending on finishes
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    River remodel

    Coming along nicely 🍻
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    Schiada first fire

    One more time
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    Schiada first fire

    First fire of the old Starlike
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    1979 Schiada RC, The Boss

    I have 45 gallon tanks In mine
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    wtb: lily pad

    I have a 20 footer $200
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    Havasu/Parker Electrician Referral

    Still broke n
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    Havasu/Parker Electrician Referral

    Wade Swisher Electrical 928-575-7944
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    Machine tool sales?

    MSC or McMaster Carr
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    Cleaning out the garage

    Asking price on the 18v kit ?
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    Sealing thru hull hardware

    Sika flex