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    Crazy car jacking in Nevada

    Actually, that's the difference between Republicans and democrats
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    FBI Raid at Mar-a-lago

    "Oh that, that's different"- 530
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    Scary thought

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    Fake Meat of the Auto Industry

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    Got a great idea for the RDP Regatta

    Fixed it
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    GILF Background Check Websites

    Funny thread, the OP had to know this would happen but all kidding aside it sucks that we have to worry about this now @probablecause hope she doesn't get taken advantage of, keep your eye on her.
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    I met Anne Heche once.....She was actually a kool chick. Here's the story....

    There is so much wrong with that, 1. It wasn't a body bag, it was a sheet. 2. She was pushed back down because her sitting up and moving around can cause the gurney to tip over. 3. Maybe the area was at low levels of coverage so it took a while for the ambulance to get there. It's not...
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    GILF Background Check Websites

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    Total "Badassery" WW2 Picture

    M1918 Browning automatic rifle, shoots a 30.06
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    The rdp logo

    Well, that didn't work
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    Dead Critter ID (solve an argument )

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    Nerivon web technology services

    Here is Nerivon CEO
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    Parker accident , boat vs watercraft

    That's Pyramid lake for me, I know Castaic is a dry (no alcohol) lake but when JetSkis are allowed they are only allowed in one section and they do not have free roam of the lake, besides I don't drink on the boat anyway
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    Bad coupler signs

    You should not have a stock balancer on that but still check timing, I've seen the crank side of the keyway relief widen but the keyway itself is still somewhat intact, a blower motor should have 2 keyways
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    alaska primary count

    Bump so it's at the top