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    Baby boy has arrived

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    80 million votes my ass

    Drove to Texas and back in June from Ventura County and didn't see 1 bumper sticker, flag or any support for biden, only support for Trump
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    How would you have handled this?

    Maybe if I don't move I won't get shot. Lol
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    How would you have handled this?

    He never saw the second guy, he should have stayed at the back of the truck near the door and no one could surprise him from behind.
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    RDP threads in the year 2050

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    Autometer Quality

    Get a 10k rpm tach since the 8 isn't enough and you broke the needle and see if they have 60lbs boost guage as it's obvious you are producing near 50. LOL
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    I-15 fatal at oak hill

    It's code for safety reasons but @FlyByWire could explain it better
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    Bitch...YOU made that decision....lol

    He most likely won't get fired but he should apply ASAP for a promotion, even if he doesn't want it yet because he is definitely getting passed over on his first promotion attempt.
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    Covid test f'up

    So way, way fewer covid cases than what was reported. Who didn't see this coming, well except for the sheep.
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    I-15 fatal at oak hill

    Interesting night for your brothers last night
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    I-15 fatal at oak hill

    X-ray means Female
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    I-15 fatal at oak hill

    Here is the knife in the chest Incident: 00127 Type: Fatality Location: 0 Wabash Ave Onr Loc Desc: 10 E / WABASH ONR Lat/Lon: 34.032000 -117.136567 Detail Information 6:07 AM 15 [94] MEDIA COPIES 6:07 AM 14 [93] SIG ALERT ISSUED L/281 6:06 AM 13 [92] 75-R1 AFFIRM STILL CLOSED -- UNK...
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    I-15 fatal at oak hill

    Incident: 00228 Type: Fatality Location: I15 N So / Oak Hill Rd Loc Desc: I15 N SO OAK HILL RD Lat/Lon: 34.354808 -117.437859 Detail Information 6:45 AM 18 [78] [Notification] [CHP]-VVSO LL INQ HOW LONG THE LNS WIL BE CLOSED [Shared] 6:36 AM 17 [77] SIG ALERT ISSUED L/305 6:36 AM 16...
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    Crocs !

    I've seen this a lot camping when people go to the campground shower house, their flip flops stay dry back at camp and they only wear these for showering.
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    Gas prices in So Cal