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    Sunrise ford service department connection

    Ford throttle bodies are problematic
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    Hey Dan @H20 Toie got some news to share?!

    word of warning replace the IAC,s if they are OE and maybe every couple years after that depending on use ,before they burn the ECU I lost one a couple weeks ago and replaced both lucky no damage . My last boat 700,s also it damaged the ECU .
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    Let's See Your Butt!

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    Well this is interesting...

    Wyo was slim on snow this year .
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    Who said toons arent fun!!!

    Is that the 2FF guy prop testing ??
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    POS 7.3...

    So did it go into limp mode or derate ? :p
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    Havasu's most stupid listing

    And what happen,s when the river [ the attraction ] dwindle,s ?? nice place to visit but .
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    Merc 525 Whipple ecu

    Look on the back of the ECU for markings and info by Whipple .
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    Afe filters

    A lot of it is psychological voodoo HP for the most part , didnt they call K&N turbo charge wheel dusters , it did it on my old 7.3 with a K&N .
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    If he only had an F150...

    No the rear bumper :p
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    RDP threads in the year 2050

    Or in a few year,s .
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    Afe filters

    What are you going to gain , stick with stock . Washable,s suck .
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    Ya gotta get rid of the water to dismantle the damn , you all know where this is going .
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    Topcat1, Mercury 525 with 10 people?

    Sounds like its time for a youtube vid , what could go wrong ??
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    So…who sold this boat to my son?

    Rubrail also