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    Out of state (CA) jobs...?

    I'm going to drag this one back to the top because I'm proud of myself for pulling the trigger and doing it. Done. We fast-forwarded our timeline since my oldest daughter was about to start HS, and we didn't want to up-root her. As of 8/31 we now own a home on a 5 acre plot near Tooele, one...
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    Work f*ckups...whats your biggest

    I'll share mine. My screw up on my house that is still costing me money AFTER I sold it. While selling my house, the buyer had a septic inspection done that came back "all bad". Now, I've had no problems with my system except the occasional over-volume backup resulting from 9 people in a 3...
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    15 N Fontana Fire

    Wasn't the one north of Pasadena the Station fire?
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    Your Reaction Score Level by %

    221.3%. Like my Daddy always said, "if you ain't got something worth sayin, don't say it." I don't post much, mostly a mouth-shut, ears-open type. "Better to keep one's mouth shut and appear a fool than open it and remove all doubt."
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    Parental Moment...Eye-opener

    My 13 y/o daughter passed her 5'8" mom at 12, and now that she's 13, she's at 5'10.5". Her little sister is on track to be taller. Crazy. I'm about 6'2", and they're coming for me.
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    A different world than Havasu

    Sunday. We were in Havasu from the 7th to 11th. I'm moving the family to Stansbury Park this weekend, and I'm hanging back in CA for about 2 months more work. Small world, and the funny thing is these boats used to be super common, but now, you who is who by what they drive. It's kind of a...
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    A different world than Havasu

    I'll be moving up there in about 2 months and my 18' '72 Kona with a 455 will be out there to spice it up a little. My kids love tube ides and sometimes just going fast. I've had it at 62 on less than ideal water up in Montana. I'll be looking for good lakes to play on once I get there.
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    Corporate greed?

    Hey, the 5 icons are BIGGER on the $8.99 and the Foam IS double. If you're going to pay for a machine to scratch up your car, may as well get the extra lube. Just like the Party Packs of Tacos at the Del... .89 each or 12 for $14. Go VALUE!
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    Live your life people........

    Sorry, we did killer bees in the late 80's.
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    Montana is Kicking Ass!!!

    I wish that was true. I moved up there in '99 to attend MSU Bozeman and moved back to CA in '05 after college with a wife who was born and raised in Butte. We spend about 3 weeks per year up there even still. Bozeman and Missoula are both college and resort towns, and deep blue. Bozeman...
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    How do you stop a carjacking at a gas pump....here is one way

    That's been my plan for years. My keys never stay in the ignition at the pump, and my hand is always on the nozzle. Getting in won't help them, and they're getting the nozzle as I hit the red panic button on my keys in the pocket. Don't forget, in CA, you have to keep pulling back on the...
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    selling your home means you loose$$$$$$$$$

    So, the wife and I are going to be relocating from SoCal to Utah for work in the next few months. Our plan is to sell our current place for 560ish (we go in the market this Friday), we owe 325, relocation contract pays all fees, so we pocket a true 235. We'll put down 20% on the next place...
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    Duplicate Pink Slip When The Now Out Of Business Bank Never Sent Lien Satisfied To DMV

    Nice. I'm in a bit of the same boat. My dad's 72 DiMarco still has the original pink (actually pink) but has fallen out of the system in CA. To get the registration turned back on, they want to re-title it, new pink, CF# and all. When I brought the pink in to show the HIN and CF and the...
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    Mr. Cooper drained my account

    My brother was hit or 5 mortgage payments last week. 1 was real, 4 were duplicates. Still waiting on resolution.