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    Charlie Watts

    RIP Charlie , he was such a first class guy , all the interviews I saw he was such a well mannered ,respectful gentleman.
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    U2 over Lake Tahoe

    Nice pics.
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    [SOLD] For Sale : 1995 Chevy Suburban SL

    Is it still available ? If so give me a call @ 480-326-4518. Thanks Kirk
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    19' 1955 Hurricane rebuild

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    2021 Stock Market

    Don't remember who made the call on TNSP the other day but it did well today, thank you.
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    "Theres Some Whores In This House"

    Rudy Ray Moore is PG 13 compared to that gal, age creeps up on you in so many ways:)
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    Dad's 1970 C-10 Short Bed

    Well done , very nice tribute to your father. I will stop by the booth and say hello.
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    [WTS] 1969 f100 custom

    Cool pick up
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    Lets see your garage

    The Buick is beautiful.
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    CRIT sales tax

    Back when Tuba City Hospital was in my territory the waste I saw was incredible at times to say the least. As others have said Lazy is an understatement. Don't know if it still is but at one time the juvenile detention ctr was the largest building in town ! Like Sleek jet said it's a trap. The...
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    Bumble Bee and Cleator set to evacuate

    That's not good, as dry as it that whole valley could be on fire in no time.
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    Ever measure the temp of your attic?

    I did this also, only thing is I wish I would have done the garage area also. Our house is only 2100' livable and the quote for new blown in insulation was 1600 vs foam for 2300, so I did some research and decided on the foam and well worth it.
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    my last 12hours

    Wow , be careful and stay safe.
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    [SOLD] 1995 Chevy Extra cab OBS (Baddest MOFO)

    CT or whoever how do I send this thread to someone?