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    Enclosed trailer needed.. buy, rent ?

    Lou (Sr) and I are going to miss Burley, I can’t get that much time off and it’s a bit too far. Our next race is Long Beach if they can pull it off. We'll also be at the last 3 races for the year. If you don’t mind, let us know when you will be testing. I know Lou Sr. will enjoy.
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    Enclosed trailer needed.. buy, rent ?

    I already did, hope I didn't screw up. I called him right after I replied to your post. I also told his dad and we're looking forward to seeing you run your boat. Looks like we'll be buying more T shirts if you decide to make some.
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    Enclosed trailer needed.. buy, rent ?

    Didn't know you were going racing! You didn't say anything when we saw you at Ming.
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    What in the actual fuck is going on around here these days???

    I have to agree with you but this didn't happen overnight. Common sense had to be asleep at the wheel for years, actually decades, to get this far out of wack? There is hope because even wacked-out liberals are noticing there is a problem and we can't continue in this direction.
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    Pops . . . Zero F's Given . . .

    My father-in-law will be 92 this June and I spend a lot of time with him motor-homing. He still drives his 40-footer while I enjoy the ride (he drove big rigs for 30+ years). No open containers but you can never tell what he is going to say! The filters are gone. Times are great.
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    Your first Boat ?

    Our first boat was a 1977 Caribbean with a Jacuzzi Jet and a 460 Ford. I had to work and my wife went to the LA Boat Show with her brother. She liked the boat and thought it was safe for our two sons, who were 6 and 4 years old. The boat cost $7,000 out the door. We owned a VW bug and a...
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    What is your boat name? Say hi if you see me!

    Family Effort
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    "Wolly Bully"

    I remember that song being played at a Sadie Hawkins dance at St. Pius X High School in Downey, CA. in 1965 when I was in the 9th grade. The things one remembers.
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    2022 Spring Classic Circle Races in Parker

    Been planning for a long time on attending. My father-in-law and I haven't missed the race in several years.
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    Owe Yeah!… I no longer own a home in CA… and I now own a home in NV

    Off topic...I have to ask, are those submarine dolphins? My father-in-law served on the USS Queenfish.
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    63 Impala

    That was our first car after coming to America in 1957. Ours was a 4 door.
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    A take off from DILLIGAF’s thread

    Met in high school in1968, started dating in late 1969, and married in July 1970.