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    1963 Lavey Craft Flatbottom

    Looks terrific, those air cleaners have become an expensive item, my Pop has those on a 69 Sanger with a Boss 9, as a kid i always wanted the bigger scoop but now realize just how cool they were!
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    Pismo Beach Car Show

    I am curious about the ignition system on this Nova, anyone know about it? Those plug wires are bigger than they run on Top Fuel cars. What a great weekend for car shows, the one up in Laverne was solid as well, some beautiful cars out there.
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    La Verne Cool Cruise and Rotolo Chevrolet Car pics. 9/11/2021

    Some nice looking rides... my goodness that T Bird with the 427 SOHC and the all steel Model A were outstanding!
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    1963 Lavey Craft Flatbottom

    Thanks Dave, I sent my Nephew the pictures and he digs it, he has a big cross ram for that 440 as well, I hope he bites , it would be very cool!
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    1963 Lavey Craft Flatbottom

    Dave, I love the exhaust tips on the Chrysler, I have never seen one like this in person, my Dad tells a story every now and then about our neighbor Rodger Buckner, who had exhaust like this on his Gaylord, Rodger leaned into the boat one time and ended up with a burn ring on his forehead... I...
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    RIP AzGeo... You were a wealth of knowledge.

    This sport that we all love is relatively young and it's hard to see the pioneers on this sport / industry pass away. George made some bitchen stuff and rigged a lot of cool boats! My Dad and Brothers 69 Sanger was done with all Finish Line equipment, I remember when I learned that AZGeo was...
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    On Bring a Trailer.

    The Nephew needs to have his ass kicked for so many reasons... Bad car my friend!
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    Starter help

    Just a question on how you wash up, do you spay the engine down? I am fortunate to keep the boats in side but have several friends that keep them under a canopy and no issues like this.
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    Changing Havasu channel demographics / use

    Its not just the Channel ( I have never been there) that has the changing demographics, its every place in the West, it is just getting sleazy and with more and more low class people buying some type of water craft it will continue to erode all over. By low class I am not talking about low...
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    She's finally DONE!

    looks beautiful, congrats! And go easy on that "Finally Done" stuff speedy, your making us slow guys look really bad :)
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    Boat wiring

    Power - Source - Lights... the loops you are seeing are more than likely a power 12v source and lights, these can all link and then you bring in the source or what the gauge is reading. Grounds can be different by gauge but make sure you have a solid ground and things should work good.
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    Glen L Tornado V drive Build

    Look forward to watching this build, I used to get strut bearings and simple parts from Glen L over in Bellflower back in the day and loved looking at the drawings in his case and thumbing thru the books there. There were plenty of boats built with the steeper angle that run just fine, you're...
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    New 79 Spectra 20 Project

    I was just having some fun. my cap was popped, we duct taped the thing together when I drug it home from Boulder and its a shit ton of work putting it back together.
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    New 79 Spectra 20 Project

    If you are near Long Beach I got a sawzall and in 15 minutes we can have that deck off and give you complete access :). It freaked me out when my Buddy wanted to do it, but I was not on ay time crunch, I knew this was going to be a long haul resto so what the hell we cut it off.
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    New 79 Spectra 20 Project

    Getting busy!!!! my gosh the picture of the floor boards next next to the trailer brought back memories...actually made me start to twitch :) I remember when I was tearing our down and my wife walked into the garage and laughed, that was all she did then walked in the house, next time she came...