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    F-250 buzzing noise

    With the engine running place your hand on the fuel filter housing under the hood. If the fuel lines have a vibration/buzzing to the touch the filter housing has air trapped inside it and you need to purge the air.
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    Hallett 400

    Looks like it could have been a Herbst boat?
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    Quick Mach 22 Video

    I know, sorry. Friend of my son took video
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    Quick Mach 22 Video

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    What book is on your night stand?

    What it takes. Lessons in the pursuit of excellence. By Stephen Schwarzman
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    Top Fuel Hydro-300 mph ?

    What will really fry your brain is a Funny car can go 0 to 280 MPH in 1/8 of a mile and only pick up 40 more mph at the end of the 1/4 mile
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    Soooooo what do the experts around here think this is worth???

    Remember if you sell it you will only have the money !!
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    Who owns a pre-'90 car?

    1986 Mustang SVO, 320rwhp on E85. IRS from a 2003 Cobra. Just a fun car
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    Barn Find - Sleekcraft

    I seem to remember your SST from a Hot Boat write up year's ago? Beautiful boat!
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    Current Situation - a picture thread

    We would start at Leff's Lucky Town and take the shuttle bus to the game.
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    Parallel Docking a Cat

    I'm struggling with mine also. I have been boating since 1983 and was always confident docking or loading on the trailer. The new to me boat is a DCB Mach 22 with twin 280s and 30 pitch props. Just clicking into gear moves the boat alot and not always the desired direction, kind of a handful it...
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    Canal blocked

    Evergreen container ship freed and underway on her own power.
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    Took me 4
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    Barn Find - Sleekcraft

    Maybe a little heavy for that hull.