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    I’m a shitty golfer...

    Got to play tijeras creek couple weeks ago was nice for sure but man the grass outside the fairways was tall lost a few balls too.My game was shitty there too but i have only played executive par63 course locally where i can do good. Not use to sending ball over lakes or having to hit from...
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    Outlaw Nationals at Sundance this weekend

    Decided to go sat morn look foward to seein this.
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    Ideas or remedies to avoid getting catalytic converter stolen?

    Air bags and drop that shit on the floor when parked. 😂
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    Ankle holsters

    He’s asking for ankle carry not what everyone personally thinks is best for him. 🙈
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    Outlaw Nationals at Sundance this weekend

    anyone running on friday?Not sure which day to go for
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    Help smoke a Turkey

    Just throw wood chips in oven you get the same thing. 😂🙈
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    Glamis thanksgiving

    You did it wrong a friend done a few and no 200 bucks is wood and comes out good.
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    Help smoke a Turkey

    Head to lowes or depot buy a brinkman or similar and a 20 pound bag of charcoal.Not too hard to do and alot cheaper to do vs a rabbit turd grill. Also helps to drill a few 1/2 inch holes on the charcoal tray lets the ash drop through.
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    Like boats, single guy or gal or don't like being around your partner, and like The Deadliest Catch? 7500-9k a Month.

    Knew a guy years ago who worked on fishing boats was gone for a long time during season but made damn good money in the 90s and had good amount of time off too.
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    My experience with e85 in my work truck was about 70-80 less miles per tank so went from 400 to about 320-330 range. Only worth it if the savings was greater than 20 percent.
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    Kids in UTVs/Buggies

    My kids were put in booster seats or the next ones up from the baby seats.put the seat on the buggy seat and was able to use the regular belts.
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    Glamis thanksgiving

    Past 15 years we went sat to sat. Before that it was thanksgiving night stay til sun. I liked the sat to sat. Nice mellow sun to wed thurs I cook the turkey so stuck around camp do a night run fri little duning sat head home. Sun to wed we did majority of duning. This year I just don’t have...
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    Glamis thanksgiving

    Skipping it this year trand broke ring pinion haloween but even if it was fixed id probably pass.After haloween shit show with newbies in SxSs with no clue on how to drive and torn up dunes i dont mind staying local and gettin the cr500 on the trails. Have a strong feeling this will be the...
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    Thong Thursday

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    Can see the lawyers calling the husband now about a lawsuit. Imo you play criminal you get treated as one and if it means cops staying back for safety well to bad you put yourself there.