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    Halletts in Havasu 2021 is set!!! Sept. 10-11. Registration is now open….

    All registered and ready to go!
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    So how much did this t shirt cost me? DUI checkpoint question

    Get out of here with that nonsense.
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    This is ugly...

    This one hurts, severely. We are legitimately being turned into a social experiment. We feel it at all ranks, and the majority of us disagree with this to the fullest. We don’t give two shits if you have two moms, two dads, Asian, Hispanic, white, two cocks, a wooden leg, we don’t care as long...
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    Tunnels under the bridge - You decide

    I believe it. The place is absolutely massive. Hell, we get lost just trying to taxi around the damn place.
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    Tunnels under the bridge - You decide

    Sure do love me some 12 legged deer.
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    Tunnels under the bridge - You decide

    Literally nothing has been proven. It’s all speculation, to include the Denver airport. Hence why I said “prove it” since you have the answers. And this is coming off as super confrontational, but that is not my intent. Goddamn interwebs.
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    Tunnels under the bridge - You decide

    An issue with hidden bases in the mountains is that the earth that they dug out has to go somewhere. There has to be an exuberant amount of activity within the area that would be suspicious to the local populace. That’s why the Denver airport is so plausible. Hidden in plain sight, with the...
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    Tunnels under the bridge - You decide

    Prove it
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    Tunnels under the bridge - You decide

    If you can find it, the ghost adventures crew actually did one of their episodes on the bridge and inside the tunnels. As for trafficking and a hidden military base? Nah. Denver airport? Probably.
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    RV picture thread. Post them up!

    That would be Willow Beach.
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    Lets see those boats

    My trusty squirt boat. 1977 Hallett with a 532 BBF.
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    Could not be more proud.!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 America..!!!

    Hopefully he got himself a good job 👍🏽
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    Show your Sunset Photos

    College Station after Hurricane Harvey doing rescue ops. Southeast Turkey supporting OIR.
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    US Attacks Iran

    My opinion does not reflect that of the U.S. Air Force or the DoD. However, I believe it’s time to exit. I understand the implications of doing so, but it’s time. They would’ve happened either way, regardless of who is in office. They didn’t just wake up and say “well now it’s time to hit uncle...
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    US Attacks Iran

    We were conducting strikes against Iranian backed forces for attacks they had conducted in Erbil. You guys are grasping for straws.