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    Extremely vintage dirtbike for sale

    The Honda did pretty well in the desert in the hands of privateers, the official Honda off road team was not allowed to race the CR. the XR was Honda's of road bike.
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    “Professionals” ripping people off…

    A buddy of mien had the generator in his motorhome quit, checked the float bowl and it was dry, Called his normal RV repair and they told him they couldn't look at it for 4-5 weeks. He had a planned trip in a week. called another RV place and they told him they could squeeze him in and the fuel...
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    Semi rant

    Going up Cajon Pass trucks are in every lane
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    Armed on the river

    if you don't live in CA you cannot get a CCW for CA.
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    Fatal accident on the upper river?

    Jet skis / wave runners are the 3 wheelers of the water.
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    The Cajon Pass Slow Traffic Phenomenon

    every time they take away a lane on a freeway it effects traffic, they take 4 lanes north bound before the truck scales, then traffic seems to move. coming down, people hit the brakes because they are going down hill, then the 2 onramps from the 138 clog us up again, then it seems to move.
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    15/215 Interchange NB

    I think it was designed by Rube Goldberg
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    Max Machine Worx Cavitation plate for bravo drive

    I put one on my 24 Schaida, planes faster, allows me to go slower towing grand kids, allows more trim options. overall improvement, no down side noticed.
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    River flow

    What's up with our lakes and the river? I was told the river has ben running high all year. Powell is down, Mead is still down and I heard it is going down again. I have not heard about Mojave. Why is the river flowing at such a high level if we are going into a drought?
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    While We Tend To Blame Teachers...

    most schools don't have the balls to do that.
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    Cool motorcycle as decoration

    Currently worknig on a 74 OSSA Phantom
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    Cool motorcycle as decoration

    Garage Art
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    Poison Oak

    The guys who ride off road at Glen Helen get poison oak all the time. They carry Dawn and use it right away after riding
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    Poison Oak

    Wash your body with Dawn dish soap, it removes the oil from the poison oak and ivy that causes the problem.
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    425 BLM to charge for parking ...... mandatory masks

    If you don't comply, BLM may not issue a permit for future races. It's blackmail.