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    School ME!

    look on the Mercury web site, it will tell you what each prop is designed to do.
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    Well this is a new scam I have not seen

    I am getting a similar thing. Asking for information so they can deliver a package and get a signature. BS
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    HO Vertical Air-SOLD

    Excellent condition, bindings are in great shape, 1 rope ding, still has the sticker on the bottom. $750.00
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    A guy named Mike was the original owner, he used it to ski behind. it had twin 200's when it was...

    A guy named Mike was the original owner, he used it to ski behind. it had twin 200's when it was built.
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    Boat content. Longer tails

    Nope, Av gas runs richer, that's why your motor doesn't ping or detenate on av or high octane gas, it burns cleaner because it's a cooler more complete burn which produces more power.
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    Would this Alignment Help Cause Poor Steering?

    this was / is the case on my motorhomes. alignment guy put some of the tires to 110 and the motor home was all over the road. Dropped to 85 and it drove great.
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    Boat content. Longer tails

    Av gas does not run leaner, it burns more completely=less soot
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    172cm Maherajah SOLD!!!

    Really nice ski, best wood I have seen. bindings in good shape, no rips or tears, still soft and pliable. with case. $200 Chris 909-215-6080
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    HO Animal Bindings-SOLD!

    Bindings are SOLD!
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    HO Animal Bindings-SOLD!

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    Rent increase ?

    This is what I was told by a property manager, you can raise it CPI plus 5% not to exceed 10% per year in CA.
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    HO Animal Bindings-SOLD!

    Depends how my daughter Likes it. Going to try it Mothers day.
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    HO Animal Bindings-SOLD!

    Bob Maher says it's probably a custom he made for someone, 81" long, tunnel bottom. Looks to have been made from a race ski or Long board blank.
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    Crazy Neighbor Terrorizing the Other Neighbors

    I found a free decibel meter app on my phone.
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    HO Animal Bindings-SOLD!

    Front and rear Animal bindings, excellent condition, no rips or tears, soft and pliable. Size XL-12/13. $100 for the pair. Chris 909-215-6080