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    RDP Braintrust. What Would You Do? Sell, Buy, Rent? 2021 prediction?

    If you can sell your home in El Cajon and purchase a like home in Canyon Lake with close to equal value ending with a close to the same mortgage balance go for it. That way say there is a down trend, you will lose just as much on the El Cajon home as the Canyon Lake. I would not pay off any...
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    Super 73 electric bikes

    I did not know alot about them until I bought one last May. Live near the beach and quite a few have them, they are everywhere. I rode mine without the battery as a trail run to see how it performed as a regular bike. Worked well and good enough to get some real exercise in... Then after I...
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    Cat converter theft...again

    If you want to give these thefts a surprise, install this bike alarm inside the truck. It is cheap and easy to set. Watched the video and truly cannot believe a highly populated neighbor that someone would take the chance over 120 bucks. This alarm in the truck would have sent them running...
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    carvana or carmax

    Sorry about your dad, been there....I bought a 2009 mustang a while back, drove it for a year, went to Carmax, who within a hour gave me a purchase price. It was 2K over what I paid at dealership the year before. So I took it. You have nothing to lose by setting up a appointment, look for a...
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    So i know we all joked about this but really ?

    Unfortunately people do not pay attention and listen to the current liberal news without question. So Biden admin takes over, vaccine, life improves, economy goes well. Biden the greatest. Give it two years, you will see jobs outsourced/offshored, Paris climate change agreement reinstated...
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    School me on Utah

    Good choice for skiing, Brian Head is a quick run up the mountain, plus you can find property with a home there....
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    Flat bottom outboard?

    If the plate is off the hull, I would be looking at a 90. Inspect the transom and repair as needed. If rigged correctly the boat will give you a good ride. I have owned two 14 footers, both with 100 mercs, had a blast. If I buy one in the future I would want a 18 foot, but hard to find.
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    For the record. How the U.S. is today 11/7/20

    It will be Trump's fault on everything. Why, because if CNN/MSNBC/CBS have nothing to report on unless it is bad man Trump.
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    pissed off in vegas,...fuc selling

    I would send what you wrote to corporate, to at least let them know. Something happened to change the couple's mind. My first guess would be the couple was shown that they could buy new, with a small interest loan. I only say that because it would to the bank's gain and is the only logical...
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    If it was profitable, they would have stayed in business. Yamaha, Honda, Merc, Evenrude are still going strong. I can also say, outboards sales are huge outside of the USA. I could however see a decline in I/O, with the outboards being produced currently.
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    Trump Derangement Syndrome just hit home

    Yes, you can buy pepper spray or a combo of pepper spray/mace in most sporting good stores in the running section. It is sold to keep dogs away from runners. I have two as I have a neighbor who's dog has bitten me and tried again. Animal control directed that I use it.
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    Trump Derangement Syndrome just hit home

    The only way not to go to jail yourself, is walk into your house and lock the door. If the offending person follows to your door and attempts to breaking in call 911. If the person gains entry, you are then allowed to use whatever force necessary. The details given on this case, the best that...
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    Two New Forums and forums that will be removed..

    I would like to see river pads split up to For Sale and For Rent. Just lazy I guess but I have to drill down on too many to see if it is a for rent or for sale.
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    Upriver questions.

    Nice miller....
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    Why Does The Food Suck So Bad At Topock 66?

    You hit the target, consistency. I know a local girl, born and raised in Parker, lives in Havasu and works the industry of bartender/food restaurant. I was coaching her on how to move up in a job. The one questioned I asked was what is the most open position available. She said cooks...