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    AZ DMV registration using AZ LLC

    I live in Cali also and I drive a deleted 4th gen. Just go on google maps and pick an address( you have one so that’s easier) make your mailing address your Cali address at the az dmv and that’s it. I love paying half or less what Cali tries to charge me. I got an id also so I can buy ammo and...
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    Amber Light Bars

    Check out all terrain concepts great lights with a more economical price range. All my buddies run rigid and I definitely throw out better light. I run the 12” race series with amber lenses in the hood scoop of my turbo s.
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    Rzr drive belts

    OEM is my choice. I change it every season and keep the old as a spare. I also run a desertcraft belt blower on my turbo s and the hottest I see is in glamis and it is only 140 degrees
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    496 back fire cuts outs.

    I skimmed over the comments quickly so hopefully I’m not being redundant... but has it been checked for the paint in the cool fuel system? I had a little pop at idle from one motor and had wot marine check and I had paint residue in the fuel system. So new fuel pumps, injectors and plugs and...
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    [WTS] 1987 Stoker SST204

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    [WTS] 1987 Stoker SST204

    Price drop $17k obo
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    [WTS] 1987 Stoker SST204

    Responded. Thank you
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    [WTS] 1987 Stoker SST204

    .... Or it’s a unicorn that shoots rainbows out as a rooster tail.
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    [WTS] 1987 Stoker SST204

    Yea. I also have my drivers license and my wife has a drivers license and ID card all from California and our street name is spelled different on all 3 Lol. I’m sure the DMV could have messed it up also.
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    [WTS] 1987 Stoker SST204

    I guess I have a custom one of a kind 201 registered, titled and vin numbered as a 204. Who wants this rare find? Haha
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    [WTS] 1987 Stoker SST204

    Thank you it’s super clean for the age. The title says 204 and the custome plate on the trailer says 204, so I sure hope it is lol
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    [WTS] 1987 Stoker SST204

    I bought it from a guy in needles and the original owner has called me about buying it back and he goes to Blythe. I love it but the wife doesn’t
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    [WTS] 1987 Stoker SST204

    1987 stoker sst 204 with a Johnson 225 built by Als outboards in havasu. Lower unit and power head new with less than 20hrs. Dual axle trailer. Jack plate. Original gauges except speedo which is a nordskog. Stainless steel rub rail. Upholstery and gel in great shape for an 87. Stored indoor with...
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    Mazco 14-1/4x29p chopper

    Text Joe 714-393-2827