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    Who thinks Ghislaine Maxwell is going down?

    Isn’t the Judge a woman? I would like to think that Maxwell is going down, and that will hopefully trigger her spilling the secrets to lesson her sentence. Who knows though.
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    New AZ offroad law for visitors

    You have to buy one to off-road in Colorado as well.
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    Bill Williams Bridge

    Drove across it yesterday @ 11:30.
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    shooting at Agua Dulce fire station

    Very sad, and such a tragedy. Just for the record it was not a love triangle.
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    Ugly situation

    Those prime rib tacos were legit! Oh, and don’t drink and drive kids.
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    Living trust or being added to title

    The TOD is not taxable. A few minuets of your time might pay off. Obviously a full blown trust with all the tricks is the BEST way to go. I’m an only child and my folks have set one up many years ago. The TOD came up recently in my world, when the “pandemic” hit. I have an aunt with no spouse or...
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    Living trust or being added to title

    Look into a TOD. It’s a transfer on death dead. Super easy to do if you are eligible.
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    Where Will Boat/'Toon Pricing Go as the Pandemic Recedes?

    I thought if you were in forbearance it was not showing negative on your FICO score but it is reported that you are in fact in forbearance. So while your score is still what it is, banks won’t loan you $ for say a new auto loan until you come current? Or is it a completely free ride? Don’t pay...
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    5.3 Vs. 6.2

    I own a 6.2 1500 4x4. I have owned the 4.8 and 5.3. I put 200k on both previous drivetrains without a dealer visit for anything other than routine maintenance. I’m currently at 90k on the 6.2 with the same experience. I will only drive a 6.2 from now on. It keeps me out of the diesel $ too haha.
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    Parker Dinner Recommendations please

    Bummer, I was unaware. How long ago did this all go down?
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    Parker Dinner Recommendations please

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    Nice day in Parker

    Really nice day in town. Was that boat towed away from Fox’s?
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    Another Classy SCV Urbanite

    It’s obvious no one in that family has ever had their ass kicked. All big talkers... Worthless assholes! That bitch should be blown up on social media and clowned by the most ruthless internet trolls [emoji23]
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    Vice President Debates

    Majority of the people on the job are on the conservative side.
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    Advice on becoming a Firefighter

    Smaller doesn’t equate to well run. Some departments pay into SS. There are some books for her to read. https://www.aspiringfirefighters.com/ Find an area she would like to live and figure out a commute she is willing to pull off. Then research all those agencies. CrossFit, PM, and the female...