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    Bringing some Facebook to Rdp

    What woman on the-----------WERE!!!
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    stainless bow rail

    stainless bow rail for 21ft sport cruiser like one in picture only not as tall. 150.00 picked up in lake elsinore ca
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    If Trump looses, Trump 2024?

    If you think this is anywhere over sorry. President Donald J Trump did not become a self made billionare by being stupid . The bandini is already starting to hit the sunbeam. The Democrats tried this with Cluntin 4 years ago and that failed. Just wait for this all to pan out and watch the...
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    fuel tanks

    Nice pair of stainless tanks 11" x 49" with straps and fills 650.00 firm. Picked up in the 92530 area. SOLD!!!!
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    wtb fuel tanks

    I have a set of 11" x 49" stainless polished tanks ready to go with mounts and fills. 650.00 picked up or you pay the shipping. I am in 92530, lake elsinore ca.
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    Bringing some Facebook to Rdp

    what gun??
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    Anyone ever notice the “Sleeping Indian”

    when I used to ski in Jackson whole wyoming there was a section of mountains right across the river that was known as and looked like a sleeping indian complete with headress you could only see from the chair lift if you looked over you're shoulder.
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    Diesel oil

    I used rotella in all the equipment and OTR vehicles for the demo company I worked for. Never a problem on any of the machines (loaders,excavators and company trucks) When I was not on a machine or running a demo job I serviced equipment. You want leaks use a semi-synthetic. Just my experienced...
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    How crappy is this thing?

    I would stick with the electric. They come factory on a dually with dual tanks and a switch on the dash. GMC or Chevy mid 70's to late 80's.
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    San Andreas is going off

    I always wanted ocean front property----in lake elsinore.
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    Wait ‘till one of these silently hits Parker

    Don't hold your'e breathe.
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    Wait ‘till one of these silently hits Parker

    Sink it before it sinks you. By the way does it come with wake damage insurance?
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    Bringing some Facebook to Rdp

    Thank god the page changed and I don't have to look at that bitch screaming any more.
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    Head On

    Is his a big surprise. 4th of July weekend?
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    Anyone going to be on Lake Elsinore this weekend?

    It's back in the cove where most hang out. Just head south and it's back were all the boats go. Just watch the boat flow. It is to the south east. It is a party most weekends. But be safe!