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    My sister just sent me this

    As stated screw the CON virus. Get out and enjoy. I love it. But I'm an asshole anyway.
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    Bringing some Facebook to Rdp

    Looks like Mrs Beetlejuice
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    Howard Stern's time is up

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    Bringing some Facebook to Rdp

    what do they call them now? MILFolines?
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    Bringing some Facebook to Rdp

    Keeping the pigs in the pen?
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    Why is this in river?

    Dove hunting was very popular on the river and lower havasu back in the day as with alot of areas along the 95 both sides. That was long ago but it still goes on. As with some varmit hunting.
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    Shutdown and Open Carry

    I guess you don't get the point. Open carry is a 2nd right in the constitution Not a reason to be stupid about it or exploit it.
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    Shutdown and Open Carry

    These are the kind of guys that ruin making open carry legal.
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    A friend that moved away...

    Gee I am glad I live in Taxifornia.. somebody has to pay the democrats for what they don't do. GET ME OUT OF HERE.
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    I need ONE word...

    Can'tsayitinoneword. so here you go "why do I do this so cheap?
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    caption this

    Weed Wacker.
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    'Maybe Drinking Will Help' RDP Ladies Hats Are Now LIVE!!!

    Or shift to swallowing
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    Wakeboarding Section??

    It's not like it has not been stated before. WAKE DAMAGE RESPONSIBILITY. But nobody cares until I get swamped and the law suits start.
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    WTF McDonalds?

    You said it right. hopefully people remember this come election time!
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    Red Tide

    well their you go. Where the hell are the sharks when you need them! But probably scared them away from the scum around her and the fear of she probably has connections in the water to.