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    Powell report - for those who don't like the crowds!

    What Gramps said. I was there Monday working on the houseboat and the greenies blew the dam and the lake is gone. No need to go, take it off your bucket list. 😁
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    What happened, where I'm at now...and of course my take on COVID.

    It's actually A1C
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    Loose Cannon Memorial Weekend

    And just how much did you pay for the last plunger at Isthmus Harbor! 🤣 Congrats on the MBA, you are celebrating at one of my favorite places on Earth!
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    Loma Linda Childrens Hospital

    Prayers for a positive outcome and hope the 2 of you can be with him!
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    Grads in the ER.

    Praying for the best Greg!
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    The Best Is Yet To Come

    'Merica! F-Yeah!
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    99-07 GM trucks..... post 'em up

    Ordered mt GMC from the factory in December of '02. It is an 8.1 with every conceivable option (in a few years they would come out with the Denali edition that would be an equivalent). I may have the only one with a factory power moon roof because it was not an option on trucks in '03 but was on...
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    Lets go for a ride ok? I'll drive

    Awesome video, thanks for sharing!!!
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    caption this

    Actually there is a video of it on Qualified Captain, it took out the fence way to the left of the image frame.
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    Quarantine Olympics

    Not sure who all is a fan of Josh Gates, host of Expedition Unknown on Discovery Channel but, during this quarantine he is doing a show from his home called Josh Gates Tonight. Since the Olympics are cancelled for the year, he put out a request on social media asking for people to submit...
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    A Little V-Drive Therapy!

    I can not confirm or deny when or where these pictures were taken....😁
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    Powell is opening!!!!

    Hot off the press.. Of course the water is low the bugs suck and it's too far to drive so DON'T COME HERE! 😁
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    14 Year Wedding Anniversary Covid Style.

    Looks like you kids have the recipe for success. Happy Anniversary!!!
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    Looking for a solid jet boat whata got???

    Well....he must be proud of it! 😁
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    Looking for a solid jet boat whata got???

    21 Carrera 22 Warlock