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    but yet, he never mentions the actual "death CAUSED by Covid" numbers. They are so fucking full of shit its crazy.
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    Yep, its likely 200 million Americans have already got it. I can say this, since NONE OF THE MEDIA, GOVT OR FAUCI have mentioned how many people have already got it, and hence have natural immunity. Its fucking insane and malpractice.
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    Hey LA!

    Its cool, the dept is going to deny service to non-jab citizens too. Well, not really, they will be told to help illegal aliens and homeless regardless of the jab status. FUCK democrats
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    Biden is an Economic Disaster

    So you are saying its time to buy rentals? Wise man.
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    Texas heart beat law stands

    Agreed, when you hear your child’s heartbeat, it changes everything. When you go to the next appt and it’s not there, it really changes everything. The only reason left leaning men love abortion is so they can fuck with no consequences. And leftist women are OK with it. Sickening.
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    RIP Biden’s Vaccine Mandate

    Remember this is a disease that 80% + of the infected people don’t even realize they have anything. So 10 is probably closer to 100 which after they disembark will be closer to 300. All of which proves yet again that this is a disease that is flu like in its transmission and kill rate. Neither...
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    Healthcare Exclusions

    Was thinking about the "healthcare is a right" douchebags, and how they miraculously cant figure out how stupid they sound when they say if you dont get the jab, you dont get healthcare. I think we need to play their game and mandate "if you dont own guns, property and a gas powered car" you...
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    The left on the vaccine a year ago

    I think it’s more likely they just start calling it like it is: American Socialist Society. ASS for short. Not a big change for them, on either.
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    Biden is an Economic Disaster

    It’s looking more and more like this is the real WWlll. Way too many governments are becoming authoritarian, way too many people are ok with it, even happy about it. It’s 4 dimensional ware fare, and the proles think it’s in their best interests, when in fact they will be the most fucked out of...
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    You Think Fauci And His Puppies Was Bad...

    Drawn and quartered, with really stretchy rope, that way he slowly bleeds out after his week ass arms are detached and he ricochets back into the weakest horse.
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    Biden is an Economic Disaster

    This won’t age well in 2025 when they try to pin EVERYTHING on Trump. Fuck democrats
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    Biden is an Economic Disaster

    @530RL maybe can fill us knuckle draggers in on how this economic stuff works.
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    Biden is an Economic Disaster

    Gotta love CNN for a good laugh! It stands for Comedy Not News, right? Fucking propaganda arm of the American Socialist party, aka democrats
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    Biden is an Economic Disaster

    Disaster: U.S. Economy Added Just 210,000 Jobs in November https://www.breitbart.com/economy/2021/12/03/disaster-u-s-economy-added-just-210000-jobs-in-november/ missed by over half. This just proves government is a scam, who consistently misses goals by huge amounts, yet still stays employed...